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the back of the foam cheap ralph lauren sale piece and

Halloween costume help For the power pack, i would find a box that already is a similar size and shape, and then cut the corner as needed.Then i would cover it all w/cut to size craft foam(Smooth and paintable, easy to work with, cheap).For the raised sections on the pack, cut foam w/ x acto knife and glue on.Paint it all silver.For the decal(? ), print it out and glue it on.I can’t tell what material the strap is supposed to be, but maybe vinyl(From fabric store)Or even an old re purposed belt or something can do the trick. The fasteners on the front i would use foam as well and paint them same idea as the power pack.I did something similar with an edward elric costume for my son a few years ago.To make it actually ‘attach’ the jacket, i put a gob of hot glue on the back of the foam cheap ralph lauren sale piece and stuck a safety pin in it and let it set.Pinned the foam piece to the jacket and voila. Posted by methroach at 8:14 AM on October 5, 2011 Definitely paint the capsule on the back of the jacket, that shit is iconic. (“The capsules”Is the name of kaneda’s motorcycle gang. )When i did this costume, i used white acrylic primer to paint an oblong on the back of my jacket, then painted the blue and yellow on top after that was dry, and finally used a sharpie to add a black outline.Don’t skip the primer!Without it your colors won’t be bright enough.

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