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reached the victim ralph lauren italia shop line who was

Man cheap christian louboutin drowns at alberta fishing derby Edmonton a fishing tournament on lesser slave lake turned tragic when seven foot waves caused a large boat to tip over, dumping two fishermen into the frigid water. After nearly three louis vuitton outlet hours in the lake 220 km northwest of edmonton without a life jacket sunday, owen john ostopchuk, 42, died. “What makes this incident unique is that it was a 21 foot boat,”Said cpl.Barry ledoux, with lakeshore rcmp. “So that gives you an idea of conditions. ” When boats left the shore to begin the tournament that morning, it was overcast with a mild wind, ledoux said.But as the day progressed, gusts became stronger, stirring up the massive waves. For professional anglers in the area, weather is not usually a deterrent for those heading out to cast their lines, ledoux explained. “Tournament fishermen are sportsmen at the max,”He said. “They’re the type of people, rain or shine(They’re out there). ” Hours after the boat flipped over near spruce point camp ground, two men on shore spotted the wreck and its overboard cheap ralph lauren polo passengers. Police pas cher ralph lauren say one man immediately rushed into the water, but had to turn back to get a life jacket because the conditions were too treacherous for swimming without one. He reportedly reached the victim ralph lauren italia shop line who was wearing a life jacket and helped him to shore. The second man swam out and brought ostopchuk, who was already unconscious, to land as well. Bystanders and emergency crews tried to resuscitate him, but he was later pronounced dead. Ledoux showered praise on the two rescuers who he said deserve recognition for their bravery. “Basically, they saved the fellow who survived,”He said. “You have to acknowledge what these guys did.It was a huge act of bravery, given the conditions.They risked their lives to help someone else. ” The survivor of the tragedy wants to meet the rescuers, ledoux added. But yesterday he was still reeling from the harrowing ordeal. “Emotionally, he was totally drained,”Ledoux said. “The whole experience of being next to a person who passes away, that’s going to be harder to deal with(Than the physical trauma. )” While police say they’re”In no way passing judgment”On ostopchuk, because they don’t yet know all the details of the incident, they say it highlights how important it is to wear approved life jackets when out on the water.

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