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Memphis television stations pulled out stops to ralph lauren polo homme win sweeps And in the fierce quarterly contest between this media market’s top two contenders, the promise of a free car a viewer won it on may 18 and free shopping at an upscale retailer proved a winning combination for wreg tv, channel 3. In addition to promoting news coverage, wreg’s evening co anchor richard ransom used his twitter account to ramp up interest in the station’s may 22 broadcast, tweeting about co anchor claudia barr,”Claudia, i just want to say, it’s been a great ride.I can only imagine what rides await in your future!Her big announcement tonight at 10. ” Turns out the”Big”Announcement involved barr holding up a pair of red soled ralph lauren polo uomo christian louboutin pumps and announcing a contest that would reward the winner with that $1, 000 shopping excursion at joseph. May 22 was also a busy day in the twitterverse for wmc, with some of the station’s broadcast journalists tweeting about longtime meteorologist dave brown. Reporter kontji anthony tweeted,”I’m never in on the newsroom gossip!Apparently dave brown has a big announcement at 10pm.No one will say!Just”It’s a personnel matter. ” And the station’s official twitter account included this tweet,”Get a hint of what dave brown’s big announcement is.And find out how to win a dave brown bobble head. ” Turns out brown wasn’t announcing his retirement, either;Instead, there was a tribute to his broadcasting career that’s lasted a half century.The”Big”News was that brown had renewed his contract and will continue forecasting weather for mid southerners for at least a couple more years. Even abc 24 reporter mike matthews, formerly of wreg, joined the hype and tweeted,”Don’t miss my big announcement on abc 24 tonight at 10!It’s big.I mean really big.It’s about claudia barr and dave christian louboutin sale brown’s announcements. ” The rapidly shifting media landscape means that online outlets such a twitter are being used more effectively to break news, said university of memphis professor dr.Carrie brown smith.And while she’s not opposed to some lighthearted messages on louis vuitton uk social media platforms, brown smith said that news agencies need to be mindful about crying wolf. “People tend to trust broadcast journalists because they see them on televisions in their homes every day and they’re comfortable with them,”Brown cheap ralph lauren polo smith said. “Wreg won with a 5.4, followed by posting a 4.4 for the Judge Judy show.Cw30 finished in third place with a 3.8 for the Maury Povich show, ahead of WMC TMs newscast that drew a 3.2 rating and ABC 24 with 2.2 for Dr.Phil.

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