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Archive | Strategy

Learn How to Grow Your Small Business with These Four Tips

Five years ago you had a great idea for a small business. Four years ago you earned your first dollar, and last year you finally got out of the red. How do you continue to grow your business, make sure that you’re able to pay off debts and keep those profits rolling? Growing a small [...]

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Make Money Off Your Website

If you’re starting an online business, obviously your goal is to make money off your website. Depending on the nature of your site and your online business goals, there are several possible ways to monetize your online presence. While hucksters can promise instant online riches, learning to make money off your website takes careful thought, [...]

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Drop Ship Distributors

Using drop ship distributors provides the online business owner with a flexible solution for sourcing products. Drop shipping is the term used for a retail business that does not keep its products in stock. Instead, the business transfers the customer orders and shipment information to a distributor, wholesaler or even the manufacturer Very loose. Which [...]

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The Correct Business Plan Format

Business Plan Pro

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Definition of a Corporation

What is the definition of a corporation? This article will explain the basics of the corporate entity as well as the different classes, or subdivisions, of a corporation. When people hear the term “corporation” the image that automatically comes to mind is that of a huge multinational conglomerate in which billions of dollars of revenue [...]

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