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Window Cleaning Business Idea

If you are interested in a flexible, lower cost business opportunity, why not learn how to start a window cleaning business?

Window cleaners are hired to clean windows, usually on the outside, of homes and businesses.

Window cleaning equipment is minimal, and with your energy and proper planning, your business can grow.

The great part of starting a window cleaning business is that you can get started quite quickly without needing a great deal of capital.

How To Start A Window Cleaning Business

Window cleaning is a low-tech industry with minimal expenses. So while there are few barriers to start the business (i.e. no special license or training is needed) it’s easy for your competition to learn how to start a window cleaning business too.

Stand Out From the Competition

The key then is to make sure your business stands out. It may be the convenience of your window washing business. For example, you may provide same day service, or offer contracts so you come and clean on a regular basis.

It may be your guarantee, (i.e. “no streaks or the next cleaning is free!”). It may be the quality of your customer service. Perhaps you wear a neat uniform and are always prompt and polite.

Maybe you want to appeal to the environmentally conscious customers, so your products are all eco-friendly.

Whatever it is that you can offer that is special and presents a value to the customers is a benefit you should highlight.

Equipment Needed

The window cleaning business presents an excellent low cost home based business. You can order supplies, make schedules and pay bills from the comfort of your own home and personal computer. Other than that, you’ll need reliable transportation that can carry you and your equipment.

You’ll need window cleaning supplies such as squeegees, towels, scrapers, scrubbers and window soap. You’ll also need a ladder. A phone is necessary so customers can reach you quickly.

Marketing Your Business

Window cleaning is by nature a locally based business. Your marketing efforts therefore should reflect that. Target neighborhoods or shopping centers where you can get multiple accounts. Contact apartment landlords and office managers with your flyer and business card.

Consider offering a special price for contracts. Put up flyers in neighborhoods, supermarkets and libraries.

For cheap mobile advertising, go to a sign store and get a large magnet with your business name, business number (in large print) and place it on the side of your car or truck. Whenever you drive around town, you’ll be advertising! Just make sure your vehicle is always spotless!

Put ads in the local free newspapers. Consider a direct mail campaign to shopping centers. When learning how to start a window cleaning business, set aside additional advertising funds during the spring and early summer months.

Growing Your Business

As you gain customers, you may find yourself successful, but limited. With only so many hours a day, you may have all of the clients you have time to take on. At this point, you may consider hiring and training an additional crew.

Other ways to grow are to add more services such as pressure washing, deck and driveway cleaning and gutter cleaning. You may also buy into a franchise such as Window Genie.

With a clear vision and purpose, you can make a success out of learning how to start a window cleaning business.

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