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Welding Business Idea

If you have a knack for welding and would like to make the most money possible plying your trade, learn how to start a welding business.

Many small shops prefer to hire out their welding jobs rather than handle those projects themselves.

By being your own boss and doing welding jobs for other people, you can make a nice living and work on your own schedule. Learn more about how to start your own welding business by reading below.

Overview of How To Start A Welding Business

First things first: if you want to learn how start up a welding business, you’ll need some decent equipment. At minimum, you’re going to want to invest in:

  • a TIG (tungsten inert gas) machine
  • a MIG machine
  • a few grinders
  • an air compressor
  • hand tools
  • a metal workbench

Depending on the number of jobs you end up doing and the sort of specialization you end up offering, you’ll probably require additional tools and equipment as well.

Once you’ve made this initial investment and have purchased the basics, you’ll need to get in some practice. Get a hold of some scrap metal and other material to play around with at your own leisure. Work on fine tuning your craft so that you’re comfortable with using every piece of equipment you own.

Learning how to start a welding business will take some time and hard work – but don’t forget to keep practicing (and perfecting) your craft!

Taking Care Of Your Welding Business

Getting a new welding business off the ground requires a lot of hard work and ingenuity. You’re going to want to learn a few key marketing tricks to get your name out there. Since the majority of your clients are going to be small machine shop operators, start traveling around your local area offering free samples of your handiwork.

If nothing else, leave a sample behind with your name attached; it will keep you in mind in case they need help in the future.

If you are uncomfortable with the invoicing and accounting aspects of running a business, consider hiring a freelancer to handle your books for you. Better yet, if you know someone who is good with numbers see if they will lend a hand, at least until you get on your feet. From day one, you want your finances to be in order.

Remember that from a sales standpoint, you’re going to need a number that people can call to set up the projects that they need. Hiring someone to man the phones is probably impractical – at least in the beginning. Think about just getting a better cell phone plan and using your own phone to field sales calls. Doing this will also give your welding enterprise a more personal feel.

Stand Out With Certifications

Although it’s not required, having a certification in welding can help you stand out from the competition. Many local community colleges and vocational schools offer welding certification programs. You could also receive your certification from a trade organization like the American Welding Society. These programs not only give you credentials, but they keep you abreast of the latest developments in welding.

Growing And Expanding Your Welding Business

Running your own welding business means that the sky really can be the limit when it comes to earnings. Remember that you must continuously advertise your services, and that you always need to be on the lookout for new clients. With any luck, you’ll end up with more business than you can handle – then you can hire employees, if you want.

Better yet, think about eventually expanding into something like a mobile welding business, going from shop to shop and performing on-site work for higher pay. Being out and about will make the job more interesting. You’ll make a very competitive wage, too, and word of mouth will garner you new customers.

Learning how to start a welding business is as much about planning for future growth as it is about finding your first client! Always be thinking of ways to grow or expand your business.

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