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Welcome Wagon Business Idea

When you run a welcome wagon business, your job is to welcome new people into the neighborhood by giving them a gift basket full of goodies provided by local merchants. The newcomers are welcomed free of charge but the local merchants pay you a commission to introduce their goods and services to those new to the area.

Many local merchants are attracted to utilizing welcome wagon services because it is an inexpensive way to advertise their businesses. If you enjoy meeting new people, a welcome wagon business may be the right choice for you.

How to Start a Welcome Wagon Business

The traditional welcome wagon service is where a basket or container is filled with items of local interest for new arrivals and hand delivered. Tourist attractions, local government offices, fire and police department information, and related information is included as well as samples and coupons from local businesses.

Another option is to operate the welcome wagon online through a website portal. The idea is to create an online community directory that targets those considering moving to the area or those who have recently arrived. Your objective is to provide all the information that people look for when they relocate or consider relocating to a new area and make money from local business ad revenue.

The information may include the details about neighborhood associations, leagues, parks, areas of interest, hospitals, the police department, utility companies, restaurants, theaters, and details about a variety of other service providers in different fields. Local businesses pay you a fee for advertising on the website.

If you choose to use a web portal, develop an appealing web site that is easily navigated. You should have the ability to update the site yourself and make a commitment to ensure that all information is accurate.

Whether you decide to make deliveries, run a web portal, or provide a combination, begin by lining up advertisers. Meet with local business owners to discuss the welcome wagon service and how they may become part of it. As you learn how to start a welcome wagon business, it will become clear that your real customers are not those who receive the information, but the business owners who advertise with you.

How To Ensure Success

Several factors will combine to ensure that your welcome wagon business is a success. Business owners/advertisers are your first priority. Your services must be cost-effective enough for them to pay you a commission. Building relationships with business owners will be key.

In addition, the information you provide to newcomers must be relevant. Whether you are trying to pull in web visitors or assist the local business owners in increasing their profits, if the accompanying information is not useful, you run the risk of losing visitors or having your welcome wagon delivery ignored. If your advertisers do not see an increase in sales when working with you, it is unlikely they will continue.

Once you have firmly established your business, consider expanding your welcome wagon services into other nearby areas. If you are running the business online, you could expand nationwide or beyond.

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