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Wedding Singer Business Idea

If you have a great voice and are a true romantic at heart—why not get paid to do what you love by becoming a wedding singer?

This is a great home business idea if you enjoy the flexibility of short-term projects that can carry an emotional impact. Weekend availability is a must.

A wedding singer, obviously, sings. She may perform at the ceremony, and most often at the reception.

You know how a soundtrack can deepen your response to what is going on in a movie? (Would the movie “Titanic” be as memorable without Celine Dion singing “My Heart Will Go On?”) In that same way, a wedding singer provides an emotional soundtrack for the special day.

A wedding singer works with the bride or bridal consultant, preparing the music and rehearsing it with the accompanist, then performing it at the event.

How to Get Started Becoming a Wedding Singer

-Assess Your Voice

No matter how much preparation you make, you must start with good vocal talent. If you’ve performed in public before, ask for some constructive feedback that will tell you if you have areas that need work. Consider going to a voice coach for help if necessary.

-Get Comfortable Performing

If you haven’t performed before, get comfortable doing so. Even if you start at a local karaoke night, you’ll quickly find out how you feel in front of a crowd and how they react to you.

If you have performed before, ask a friend to videotape you singing. Do you look at ease on stage? Do you connect with the audience? Have you tamed any awkward movements or facial expressions that may be distracting on stage? Are there any changes you can make to increase your professionalism in becoming a wedding singer?

Watch your favorite performers on stage for more strategies for singing in front of others.

-Practice Singing Wedding Songs

Music for weddings is often very traditional and classic. Music for wedding receptions may also be very different from your personal Top 20. Research to find the top wedding songs in a variety of musical categories, and learn how to sing them.

Some brides may love Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” while others love *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You.” Your ability to sing either one will increase your chances of being hired and doing a fabulous job.

Marketing Yourself

You’ve practiced and prepared for becoming a wedding singer, and now you’re ready. The first question people will want to know is: can you sing well? Create some CDs of you performing to give to prospective clients. You may need to hire musicians to provide the background instrumentals for this, but it’s worth the investment.

  • Go where the brides go. Wedding conventions, churches and bridal gown stores can be good places to network.
  • Read the bridal magazines so you’re updated on trends.
  • Place an ad in a local paper or on to advertise your business.
  • Open an account on a social networking site and include a video of you performing (make sure you refer to that site on your business card.)

Weddings may be happy occasions, but they are also high stress events. You’ll need to remain calm, professional and positive (i.e. no drama). With this attitude, your preparation and your voice, you can start a career you will love.

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