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Virtual Office Business Idea

Offering a virtual office service is one of the best solutions to work from home – you can set one up easily by just having a website.

This will be your online presence to showcase your skills and services to clients with testimonials from satisfied repeat customers.

You can start a virtual office business in the area of administrative services like advertising, sales, accounting, insurance, etc.

Of course, you will need to be able to type fast, have a degree of expertise, and have some training in how to work from home with an internet-ready computer.

Small Set-Up Costs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to set up this business, as all you need is a good computer with a strong internet connection. Your bedroom can be your virtual office space, and you can install answering services to take phone calls without much effort. You might also need a fax machine for people without a computer to communicate with you.

Setting up a web site is not expensive, as you can often create the pages listing your skills and prices yourself with only some very basic training.

Offering A Virtual Office Service

Much of the work you get will undoubtedly focus on secretarial services. You clients might need someone to process their emails, send out letters, answer phone calls, create reminders, and generally to help them in their business. By no longer having to hire a traditional secretary, your customer will save money on healthcare, employee benefits and other expenses.

Being paid by the hour will give your client more productivity. It also makes your service economical, which will bring small business owners to you from all over the world. Some customers may require a weekly report of the tasks you complete, and other such measures, but these are often easy to do and increase your value immensely.

Skills Required

You may be surprised that many virtual assistants are degree holders and skilled workers with experience in business. They have sound computer knowledge and are able to work on numerous applications comfortably.

They know how to use the internet, type with Microsoft Word, use Excel with formulae, set up a presentation using PowerPoint and a host of other activities. As a result, executive assistants offering virtual office services are able to perform a wide array of tasks as required by clients on a monthly basis.

Note, however, that you will often be competing with workers from the third world who can earn significant rewards by offering excellent prices and customer service. Your virtual office service will need to offer exceptional quality of work to compete successfully with these.

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