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Virtual Assistant Business Idea

If you you’d like to start your own home business why not find out how to become a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who works closely with a limited number of clients from home, communicating via the Internet, phone or fax.

While a VA may provide secretarial skills, she is not a glorified secretary.

She will use outstanding administrative and organizational skills to handle a variety of projects such bookkeeping, desktop publishing, research, meeting and travel planning, project management and public relations.

Because a VA forms a long-term partnership with just a few clients, she learns her client’s business and can add value through her independent work.

To be a VA, you need to be very comfortable with computer programs and have strong word processing, spreadsheet and secretarial skills. In addition, as a business owner, you’ll need to be a professional and organized self-starter.

Does this sound like you? Opportunities for VAs are expanding as companies outsource support staff. And, as more small businesses grow, they may need support but not be able to afford in-house staffing.

The beauty of the business is that your clients can be located anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to be restricted geographically.

A number of organizations provide more information on how to become a Virtual Assistant. provides training courses and employment tips for people interested in this career. Industry organizations such as International Virtual Assistants Association ( offer certification that may help you increase credibility as well as gain additional networking opportunities.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant – Tools Needed

Because your work relies on communication, your technology must be reliable and updated. A good computer with a high-speed Internet connection and e-mail is a must. Your computer should have a commonly used word processing and spreadsheet program that you are comfortable using.

In addition, a separate phone line (or cell phone) with long distance, along with a copier/printer and a fax machine round out the essentials.

Make sure you establish an online payment option, such as Paypal, so clients can pay you easily.

What to Know About Becoming A Virtual Assistant

While some work can be done during flexible hours, some work will need to be accomplished during your client’s business hours (i.e. phone conferences). So if your client is in a significantly different time zone than you, you may need to make early morning or late night phone calls.

VAs can specialize in specific areas or industries such as Internet marketing, real estate, web design and desktop publishing. If your background or interests lead you to one of these areas, you can develop your own niche too when starting a virtual assistant business.

How to Market Your VA Business

  • As this is a technology dependent business, show you’re savvy with your own website.
  • Make business cards and hand them out at every opportunity.
  • Join professional organizations related to Virtual Assistants and to the industry you’d like to focus on.
  • Join search engines and job boards on the Internet to let people worldwide know you are available.
  • Find companies in your area to contact to see if they have a need for a VA.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great opportunity to use your skills and technology to operate your own successful business.

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