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Video Production Business Idea

Starting a video production company is a small business that you can start up with far less expense than in the "old" days.

All you need is a website and a digital video camera to do on site videos like weddings, parties and graduations.

It is good to have a tripod to keep your shots steady, too, as shaky videos aren’t fit for commercial purposes.

If you enjoy video recording and have picked up a few tricks for editing, look into the possibilities of starting a video production company. You can start by working for friends or local schools or churches.

You may be able to get a small contract for services at these businesses or local dance studios or dating services.

You will record and edit video of private or commercial events, retirement parties and sports events etc., and may even find you can get some video clips on television. Using the latest IT video production technologies, you can offer reasonably priced video production and get your business started quickly.

Ideas For Starting A Video Production Company

Starting a video production company does require some financial investment. Buying equipment does not mean you have to have a lot or the most expensive equipment out there, however. Do some research and then buy the best you can afford.

You will need some bookkeeping ability and materials to keep track of expenses and income and tax related information, and investing in carrying cases for your equipment can help to keep down damage rates.

With a computer and internet service, you can get a website going to promote your business where you can post some clip samples for people to view. With the right editing software, you can even complete your post production editing right on your own computer.

General business insurance and coverage for your equipment is essential to have before you starting a company in this field. You will need a vehicle, storage, and office space as well. Some knowledge about advertising can also be helpful, though local media reps will be happy to talk with you about advertising your new business.

Promoting Your Enterprise

To promote your business, contact local businesses such as bridal shops, ad agencies, broadcast stations, printers, churches, local schools and colleges to teach a class in video production. You can also run ads in local papers or post flyers on community bulletin boards. Offer discounts to friends for referral business and advertise some starter specials.

Once you have video for a customer, this will open the door to other post production sales like still shots from the video, copying to DVD’s, duplications and transfer to tape services.

Expanding Your Operations

For expansion ideas, learn video production software, digital video editing, video effects, and photo software so you can create video slide shows, clip montages, and other finished specialties for sale.

Expand your business to include digitizing services too where you turn customers’ photographic slides and prints into a digital photo album. Take your business online and offer consulting services targeted at online digital media.

Starting a video production company is cheap and easy to do with a little know-how, so educate yourself, plan well, and start making money as soon as you’re ready to!

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