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Vehicle Wrap Business Idea

A vehicle wrap business is one of the newest marketing methods available. There are two ways to enter this interesting new trend.

One side of the business sells advertising space, creates the wrapping material, and finds people who are willing to drive around in a car wrapped with advertisements. The other side is the person that comes into the wrap shop periodically to have their car wrapped with ads, and then drives around so that the ads are visible on the area streets.

While individual drivers can take advantage of this business opportunity, it’s even more profitable for a business that already has a fleet of small, economy cars touring the city to provide other services. While they are going about their regular business, they will be able to recoup much of their transportation costs.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap Business?

The vehicle wrapping material is a thin, vinyl laminate material that can be attached to a vehicle without harming its more permanent finish. You should find a location that can accommodate multiple vehicles of varying sizes at the same time.

Unlike many other auto shops, a wrapping facility should be climate controlled so that the vinyl material is not too soft from the heat or too brittle from the cold during application. It should also be kept clean for the best installation results.

While many vehicle wrap businesses are located in warehouse districts or industrial areas to take advantage of cheaper building prices, a facility on a main road could use prominent signage to their advantage for advertising purposes.

Be prepared to hire staff with art design, sign making, outside sales, and mechanical skills if you’re not an expert in these areas. You’ll also need the appropriate software packages to create new designs, equipment to produce the vinyl wrapping material, and installation tools to wrap the cars.

What Training Do I Need?

While no training or certification is legally required to start a vehicle wrap business, it is highly suggested that you have a strong marketing background before investing your first dollar in this venture.

Most suppliers of vinyl wrapping material and equipment will offer training programs so that you can perform the technical details, but they won’t be able to help you sell your services to companies who need new advertising channels.

Luckily, this new marketing idea is hot right now making it an easier sell. In fact, if you drive up to the customer’s location in an expertly-wrapped vehicle, they might be ready to sign a contract with your vehicle wrap business before you say a word.

If you’re only interested in driving around in a wrapped car or using the wrapping opportunity to help offset the costs of your fleet of vehicles, your vehicle wrap business will be even simpler. Once you negotiate a fair level of compensation to have your vehicle wrapped, you simply show up at your appointed time and wait for the wrapping process to be completed.

Your only other responsibility will be to drive around as you’ve agreed to do and cash the checks. Of course, you will be required to record the income for tax reporting purposes.

Marketing Your Vehicle Wrap Business

To become successful at a vehicle wrap business, you will need to sell your advertising services just like any other marketing company does. In addition to providing cutting-edge graphics and a quality wrapping job, your efforts will need to provide measurable results to your customers.

To successfully convince people or companies to wrap their vehicles, you will need to demonstrate that your process will not do any permanent damage to their cars, trucks, or vans. If you are on the other side of the business, you’ll need to convince the wrapping company that you drive a sufficient number of miles in their targeted areas to be an effective advertising tool.

Finding customers for your vehicle wrap business shouldn’t be too hard. After all, you’ll be driving the hottest new marketing tool around. In addition to calling on area businesses in your wrapped vehicle, invest in a few ads in local publications that are read by area businesses.

If your local chamber of commerce has periodic meetings, show up in a slick, wrapped vehicle. Offer to wrap the vehicles of local radio stations or some public transit vehicles for free so that businesses have the opportunity to get a good look at your skills.

Create your own website that will allow business owners to find you through online searches. Join local advertising organizations, and make sure that local ad agencies are aware of your business.

Growing Your Business

Once you’re successful, you can expand by opening a location in another area. Some businesses want their brand and information to appear on their fleet.

You could create wraps as a cheaper alternative to custom paint jobs. If your cool, new look really catches on, private car owners might want custom wraps for special occasions like weddings, graduations, or birthdays.

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