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Used Tire Store Business Idea

Because tires wear out so frequently and are expensive to replace, many people look to a used tire store when their tires need changing.

You can relatively easily start a business in this field, and will be aided by the current abundance of lightly used and re-treaded tires available.

The biggest requirement of any good business in this industry is that the proprietor is very knowledgeable about tires of all different types and sorts.

They do not need to have gone to college or even graduated from high school, but they must have a deep understanding of how tires wear and how to best replace old ones.

They must not only know which tires go with which cars, but also which sort of mixes of tires are appropriate and which will cause problems.

They need to know where to acquire reliable tires at good prices, and should establish business relationships with junkyards, tire shops and re-treading centers to aid in this.

Another key to success is having the proper facilities available. Used tires are items which tend to sell very slowly, since specific tires will only be in demand when specific cars need them. It is therefore important to have a used tire store which contains a large, indoor storage space which is dry and well organized.

Tires left out in the sun and rain will serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and dry-rot, and an unorganized storage facility will prevent the staff from finding what a customer wants.

It’s also important to have equipment on-site to test the tires for leaks or structural faults as well as the ability to put them onto a customer’s car immediately. Improperly tested or installed tires will result in accidents which has the potential to lead to lost customers and worse.

How To Keep Your Used Tire Store Running

The hardest part of running a used tire store is maintaining a proper inventory. A great variety of tires is required at all times, and they must all be in good used or refurbished condition. Purchasing retreaded tires wholesale is a great way to build up inventory – as is looking for tires online.

Junkyards are also often a good way to get tires, since many crashed or broken-down vehicles have new or like-new tires. Regular tire sales to eliminate old or unwanted inventory are important as well, since tires do eventually expire and many states make it unlawful to sell these commercially.

This business is a great for someone who is passionate about tires to make money, as cheap but good quality tires are always in demand. It requires a lot of storage space and a lot of knowledge about tires, but no formal training or understanding. A used tire store requires hard, dirty work, but be very rewarding when it enables people to quickly get back on the road.

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