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Tree Farm Business Idea

With today’s emphasis on green living, an interesting eco-business idea is how to start a tree farm. Those who love to be outdoors and spend time cultivating trees and plants will find that utilizing their talents to grow trees is not only fun, but can be profitable as well.

Meticulous research and devising a detailed plan are necessary when learning how to start a tree farm. After you discover which tree species grow well in your area, you can focus on the types of trees that will give you the highest return on your investment. Many consumers do their own landscaping and will be interested in decorative trees that enhance the look of their property.

Schools, offices, and hospitals require landscaping trees that fit in the space provided, are disease resistant, and add to the overall look of the area. Christmas trees can yield high earnings. The traditional cut Christmas tree is always popular, but there is a growing interest in living Christmas trees that can be planted after the holidays.

How To Start A Tree Farm – Consider The Following:

When you’re learning how to start a tree farm, you’ll need to consider several of the following points…

  • Calculate how much land you will need.
  • Plan how you will irrigate the tree farm.
  • Research pest control methods.
  • Call your state forest service. The forest service is a great resource for learning how to start a tree farm.
  • Prepare to wait. Trees need time to grow and your first yield may be one or two years away.

In addition to research about the type of trees you want to grow and how to care for them, check with your local and state licensing agencies to find out what types of licenses are required. Also contact your local and state tax departments because some states allow a tax exemption for tree farming.

Tree Tips for Success

The more research and planning you do, not only about the trees themselves, but about your potential market, the greater your chances to achieve success. Your trees should be attractive, disease and pest-free, and well nourished. The decisions you make when first learning how to start a tree farm are vitally important.

Tree farming takes time and if you choose the types of trees in the beginning that people want to buy, you will be on your way.

Finding Customers

Along with business cards, printed brochures, radio, newspaper and TV ads, and other traditional methods of advertising, a tree farm business owner will benefit greatly by forming strategic partnerships. Talk to local landscapers and see if working with them as a tree supplier is possible. Local home and garden stores may also look for home-grown trees rather than shipping them in from elsewhere.

Attending home improvement, garden and ecological events will allow you to let people know about your farm at a minimal cost. The buying public is very interested in green products. The right marketing will increase your customer base.

Growing Your Tree Farm

Once you have an established tree farm, you may look for ways to expand beyond your local market. Home and garden shop chains need suppliers and may be willing to work with you. Another way to grow your business is to obtain more acreage and plant additional trees.

Adding new tree species to your farm can increase revenue, as long as the new species grows well in the area and has a viable market willing to purchase the trees.

As you establish your reputation as a tree farmer who always supplies the highest quality trees, keep up with buying and marketing trends. The research you put into how to start a tree farm will go far in ensuring success.

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