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Trail Riding Business Idea

Turn your love of the outdoors into a full-time job by learning how to start a trail riding business. A trail riding business can operate in a variety of ways. Supply the horses or allow guests to bring their own.

Rides can be supervised if the terrain is treacherous, or guests can be allowed to roam freely in safe areas. Of course, these approaches can be mixed and matched to meet your individual requirements. In addition to well-maintained trails, your trail riding business should offer areas to shelter, groom, and feed the horses and a place for guests to change clothes or clean-up after a ride.

When learning how to start a trail riding business, your biggest investment will be in property and horses. If you don’t already own a large parcel of land, acreage for trail rides can be purchased or leased. In many locations, vast areas are leased to hunt clubs in the cold, winter months.

If you plan on only operating during the warm weather seasons, you may be able to split the leasing fees with one of these hunting groups. As a bonus, most hunt clubs cut an extensive road and trail system through their territory. In addition to purchasing horses for your guests to ride, you’ll need to provide shelter, food, and medical care throughout the year. This can be an expensive endeavor so calculate your operating expenses carefully.

How To Start A Trail Riding Business – Safety Is Key

While you won’t be required to have any formal training to learn how to start a trail riding business, an extensive riding background and experience caring for horses would be very practical. For inexperienced riders, be prepared to give some basic riding instructions.

Unless the ride is guided, each guest should also be provided with a layout of the property along with any potential hazards. Because liability issues could be costly, safety should always be foremost in everyone’s mind. Require both beginner and advanced riders to wear helmets. Joining organizations like the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) in addition to a local trail riding organization can help keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the sport of trail riding.

To operate a successful operation when you learn how to start a trail riding business, it will be crucial to meet the needs of a wide variety of guests and to provide well-maintained, challenging trails. In addition to providing areas to attract competitive trail riders, gentle horses and easy paths will bring beginners to your operation.

They may try trail riding and decide it’s not for them, or they may love it and return at every opportunity. By catering to a diverse set of needs, you have the largest opportunity to build a loyal fan base for your business.

Finding Riders For Your Business

Because many tourists pre-plan their trips, make sure that you develop an easy-to-use and easy-to-find website that details your services and your prices. Include plenty of pictures and explain how your trail riding is a fun activity for beginners and children.

After you join a few trail riding organizations, make sure that your location is listed on their site. This will attract more experienced riders and could lead to a special event for your business. If your area doesn’t have a regional association, consider starting one. Don’t forget about the locals. Create pamphlets that you can leave in local feed stores, tack shops, or anywhere else that equestrians tend to frequent.

How To Expand Your Business

Once your trails are successful, you may begin to think about expanding into other areas. Here are just a few ideas for new opportunities:

  • Riding Lessons
  • Field Trials
  • Horse Boarding
  • Pony Rides
  • Horse Breeding
  • Horse Training
  • ATV or Motocross Trails
  • Camp Sites
  • Tack Store
  • Mountain Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping

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