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Tourist Guide Business Idea

Learning how to become a tourist guide is relatively easy, especially if you have lived in your area for any significant length of time.

Nearly every major city and small town has numerous points of interest that make it appealing to vacationers and travelers as tourist attractions.

Knowing the hot spots and what makes them popular, historical facts, or any other aspects about various places in the area around you takes a little effort.

You do not need a high level of education or a lot of money to learn how to become a tourist guide. All you need is the desire and will to succeed.

Establishing Yourself

There are several occupations that lend themselves to beginning a tour guide business. Starting up or getting hired by a travel agent business can be a good way to find out where all the popular vacation spots are if you aren’t already sure.

Once you begin to develop your own business and become a tour operator, many of these same travel agents will enjoy sending work your way to make their clients happier on their trips.

You can put together a simple travel guide to give your potential customers an idea of what is available to them with your tours, or even complete booklets outlining the various points of interest in your area.

These are easy to do, and as you learn how to become a tour guide you will discover what most of your clients are especially interested in.

How To Run Your Business

Learning how to become a tourist guide involves always being available for giving out factual and travel information at all times. Having your own dedicated business phone is a necessity. You can operate the entire business out of your home if you want to and thus save a lot of money on office space.

If the tourist spots in your area are within walking distance of each other and most major hotels, you can get off really cheaply by giving walking tours. For all other types of tours you will need to invest in some sort of transportation. For that you will also need all of the required licensing and insurance.

If you want to do small tours you can buy a nice comfortable automobile or minivan. For larger tours you can often get good deals on used school buses and have them painted with a unique logo for your company.

A good tour guide will help bridge the gap between tour guide and concierge by helping clients to pick out the best restaurants and other activities for the day, and then help them to get there. As you grow and learn how to become a tour guide, you will build a rapport with local business that will help you expand your own offerings.

How To Become A Tourist Guide

It is a good idea to allocate about 63% of your gross income to expenses such as advertising, transport, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, office supplies, entertainment, equipment rentals, commissions, and contracted labor.

Learning how to become a tour guide involves understanding the various gimmicks that will attract more customers. Things such as maps with local restaurants and other interesting items on will give added value to your tours and garner the appreciation of your customers.

You may even be able to sell advertising to these restaurants, shops or other attractions for putting them on your map to increase your income.

Learning how to become a tour guide is easy and fun, and it is a job which always contains surprises and excitement. You will meet great people and enjoy all of the same spots that make your customers want to come to your area for which makes knowing how to become a tourist guide a ticket to joy every day.

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