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Tile Installer Business Idea

The tile installer business is as challenging as it is rewarding and lucrative. Why?

As a tile installer you’re not only dealing with the creative whims of the client, but also with the technically demanding skill of cutting, fitting and placing tiles.

This business allows ample opportunity for contractors to flex their creative and business muscles while providing an important service to home-owners everywhere.

You’ll be providing tiles for pools, patios, walkways and gardens.

Getting Started

Simply put, you cannot fake it when you install tile! It is important that you understand how important it is to select the right tiles for the right jobs. There is a big difference between a bathroom tile and a kitchen tile, and also between a floor tile and a wall tile.

Before you lay your first tile you should draw a floor plan of the room you’re working in. The plan should include all the details and information which could have any bearing on completing the installation such as the location of doors, cabinets, toilets and electrical supplies etc.

Before you begin installing tiles you need to calculate how much ceramic tile, grout and cement you will need obviously accomplished by measuring the length and width of the floor. The subfloor must also be sound enough to support tiles.

They can often be heavy and so must be installed on flat, rigid services no less than one inch thick. A flexing floor will cause cracks to show up in the grout later and may cause tiles to break.

Training To Be A Tile Installer

As a tile installer you’ll want to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and training. Active training programs incorporate new methods of tile installation. Commitment to training is a clear indicator to a potential client that you are current with the latest installation techniques. It also speaks volumes about your business ethics and your credibility.

Speaking of credibility, attention to detail and quality of service are the most important keys to success in this business. The quality of your work and customer satisfaction will be crucial for repeat business and customer referrals.

Make sure your business is properly licensed, certified and insured before beginning any projects.


Don’t price yourself out of the market, but at the same time you don’t ever lose money. Backer-board, mortar and grout run at about $3.00 per Square Foot (SF). Tile, nails, tend to run at a bit more about $4/SF.

Consider the size of the job – a small bathroom is actually more complicated than a kitchen simply because of the amount of cutting required and the time involved with this. Every location is different, but a good rule-of-thumb for every tile installer is about $11 – $13/SF for a standard job.

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