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Teen Business Ideas

Help your teenager discover the joy of financial independence by teaching him or her ways for teens to make money. Teen business ideas present a great opportunity for teenagers to learn important business skills while also earning money for college, hobbies, or just to save.

By helping your teen brainstorm teen business ideas, you’ll also be exploring ways for teens to make money.

While teens can occasionally find work in grocery stores or fast food restaurants, some state laws have required teens to be a certain age before they can work in an established business. In addition, for teens that don’t drive, they must rely on parents or friends to get them to their job.

Many kids find that developing their own teenage businesses is a better option because the business can be tailored to the teenager’s needs, interests and time commitment. These are important factors when finding ways for teens to make money.

Business Ideas For Kids

The best businesses for kids are ones they can do independently. They don’t need to have someone provide transportation or resources. So that generally means the business is a neighborhood one.

By setting up in the neighborhood, they also have a greater chance of getting customers because people already know them. Lawn mowing, car washing, pet sitting and babysitting are neighborhood jobs that come to mind.

One way to brainstorm teen business ideas is to think of jobs other people don’t want to do, and do it well. Dog walking or house cleaning are relatively simple ways for teens to make money. Or you can take a popular idea and focus on one aspect of it. For example, while many teens baby sit during the week, if your teen advertises as the Saturday night babysitter, she will be very much in demand.

Does your teen do a craft? Bake? These teen business ideas can be developed into viable businesses. Is she a whiz in math? She could tutor others.

If your teen is computer savvy (and you’re comfortable with his responsible use of the computer) he could set up a web-based business, working from home.

Seasonal Teen Business Ideas

In addition to setting up businesses during the long summer vacation, teenagers can make money by doing seasonal jobs throughout the year. In fall, they can rake leaves. In winter, they can clear snow from cars, driveways and front steps. There are lots of seasonal ways for teens to make money.

They can also help with holiday baking and gift-wrapping. In spring, they can help with window washing and landscaping.

Setting up a Teenage Business

If your teen wants to start a business, he should first have a general plan. He should narrow down a list of teen business ideas and focus on one that interests him the most.

He should also spend the time to calculate how much it costs to start (i.e. time, equipment, resources), how much business he can reasonably expect, how much he needs to charge and how much he’ll make as profit.

Encourage your teen to do market research on a couple of teen business ideas and pick the one that has the most potential.

He will need to keep a calendar for appointments, and be reachable by phone. Flyers and a neighborhood announcement will kick off his marketing. By dressing neatly, being courteous and reliable, he will have the goods to build his neighborhood empire.

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