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Tea Shop Business Idea

A tea shop is the perfect small business it is manageable, easy to begin, and can be highly profitable.

You could sell specialty tea drinks as well as loose leaf teas, tea products, accessories, and other related items.

In addition, you could sell breakfast muffins, deli sandwiches, and tea-infused smoothies for extra profit.

A key to operating a successful tea shop is to provide a sanctuary for customers to enjoy their tea experience. You could do this by using soothing colors, sounds, and materials.

If you want to increase your number of customers, offer free tea tasting nights. You might even want to have a tea party where you educate customers about the health benefits of teas. Give them a wide range of choices to choose from.

To expand your business further, package and sell your own line of custom teas. You could sell custom teas in your tea shop or online. You might even want to franchise your store in your state, country, or even around the world. It could turn into a goldmine.

Buying Supplies For Your Business

It will not be hard to stock your tea room with a wide assortment of teas, tea gifts, or afternoon tea accessories. Many of these supplies can easily be obtained in bulk online. Do an internet search to find where you can buy wholesale tea, too this will let you buy a wide range of teas for low prices.

Advertising Your Tea Shop

It will not be hard to advertise your tea room, and not all advertising will even cost money.

You can advertise in local newspapers, advertise in national publications, give news releases to papers about special events at your establishment, mail postcards to customers, make newsletters, and donate to local fundraisers school to get your name out there.

Join in a co-op with other tea or coffee shop owners to place advertisements together. There are also websites that specialize in your kind of business, so you can advertise on them – sometimes for free.

Other Items Pertaining To Your Business

If you are concerned because you do not know much about accounting yourself and you cannot afford an expensive Accountant, do not fear. Do an internet search for accounting software for small businesses. You will find a large number of popular software packages such as Peachtree, Simply Accounting, and Intuit QuickBooks. Such software will help you to do your accounting, in-depth inventories, billing, and job costing.

For insurance, you will as a minimum need liability insurance. This is because you will deal with the public on your premises. You will need further insurance if your company uses vehicles in any way.

Owning your own business can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment that other types of work might not. A tea shop is especially good for this, as it will let you work very closely with your customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

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