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Story Teller Business Idea

How to become a story teller? We’ll find out! Louis L’Amour, the great writer of western novels, once denied being a writer, he simply said, "I’m a story teller." Of course the stories he told were creations of his own, fertile mind.

My aunt was a story teller. She toured the country telling children stories stored in the huge filing cabinet of her mind. Aunt Phyllis was a school librarian in the New York City suburbs. Her love of books, children and reading led to her long career as a story teller.

I remember her frequent visits and how she regaled my friends and me with tales of Baba Yaga, the Russian witch who lived in a hut perched on chicken-legs and pursued her prey in a mortar and pestle, or the dun pony of the Pawnee lad who taught the boy about honor and keeping your word, or Rudyard Kipling "Just-So" stories, like "How the Leopard Got Its Spots," or "How the Elephant Got His Trunk."

My favorite was "Riki-Tiki-Tavi," the Kipling story about the mongoose who saves a family from Nag, the Cobra.

Learn How To Become A Story teller

To learn how to become a story teller, you must first have some basic skills. Jokes are one of the most common stories related by the teller to an audience. How do you tell jokes?

Do they flow easily from your mouth and entertain your listeners? If you have this skill, you should consider a career as a story teller.

To be a good story teller you must first be a reader, after all you have to have stories to tell. Research the type of material you want to tell about.

Christian stories are a good source of material as they possess all the elements of a good story. A moral, an object lesson, and the triumph of good over evil are required.

Listen to other story tellers. Your local library may have recordings of great people. Audio books are another primer from which to learn how to become a story teller.

Things You Need

Storytelling is an art and as such involves training, because, other than a little natural talent. Most of the requirements are acquired skills. Some Storytelling techniques are also necessary.

As well as knowing the story, you must learn to use your voice to set the tone of the story, to evoke emotion and involve your audience in the tale. You must be a vocal actor.

A good material source is another prerequisite. My aunt focused on fairy tales and children’s stories. Louis L’Amour focused on the early American West, but the common link was that their stories contained similar elements; the conquest of good over evil, a moral and an object lesson.

Now you have the skills and the stories, what’s next? You have to develop an audience. You may have to volunteer at local schools to build a resume and attract attention to your abilities. You have to advertise your art of storytelling in all available media; school and church bulletins, local newspapers, the internet…

In addition to learning how to be a story teller, you have to learn how to manage your business of storytelling.

What are the costs associated with storytelling? What props or other tools are required? What type of records must be kept (for the IRS, of course)? You must answer all these questions if you want to learn how to become a story teller.

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