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Storage Business Idea

With 42 million people moving each year, now’s definitely a great time to find out how to start a storage business. When people make temporary moves, move to smaller homes or combine multiple households, they often need a place to hold their extra belongings.

Storage facilities offer safe and secure places to keep belongings for short or long term. With enough money and time to invest, you can make this a successful business venture.

While you don’t need specific skills or qualifications to get into this industry, you do need some business savvy. The first thing you’ll have to do when learning how to start a storage business is to find a location.

There was a time when you would find a self storage building only in the back of an industrial neighborhood, but now storage buildings are being built in high traffic areas. Be thorough with your research, and select a location that is highly visible and that is conveniently on the customers’ errand path. Look for densely populated residential areas, and check out the amount of competition already out there.

How To Start A Storage Business – Options To Consider

Check online for industry information about the moving and storage business. You’ll find that it is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with climate-controlled buildings and electronic security systems. Some businesses have manned offices, and some also sell moving boxes and supplies. Others, such as U-Haul, also rent moving trucks.

Consider also another new type of storage business that has come about – mobile storage units. PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is one storage franchise that brings storage container to the customer’s home and then takes the packed container back to PODS storage center.

Determine the scope of services you want, and can afford, to provide. Also, depending on the amount of money you want to invest and how much independence or support you want, consider your different options of franchisee vs. independent owner.

Finding Customers for Your Business

Regardless of the type of storage facility you decide to open, you’ll need to find customers. The majority of your customers will live or work near the storage facility, so your advertising needs to target people close by. You do need to advertise in the Yellow Pages, but you can also send targeted mailings like Money Mailers to specific neighborhoods.

Visibility is such a key in learning how to start a storage business that the more you can get your business noticed by people passing by, the better.

Check with your town’s ordinances, but barring any restrictions, do everything you can to draw attention to your location. Have professionally made window signs, neon signs, balloons and banners to advertise your business.

Send brochures to moving companies and realtors in your area so they can recommend you to their customers.

Develop a great looking, easy to navigate website that lists all of your prices and even indicates availability of units and any other services you sell.

If you have a staffed office, you’ll need to hire employees. Be sure your staff is well trained in customer service. Customers often will form an impression about the quality of your company (i.e. "Will my belongings be safe here?") based on the professionalism you and your staff display.

Although it’s not easy to learn how to start a storage business, good planning and diligence can get you moving into a growing business.

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