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Stained Glass Business Idea

If you are a creative entrepreneur, enjoy working with your hands and have an eye for color, start your own stained glass business.

Everyone comments on your beautiful stained-glass pieces, and some people have even asked you to repair some items for them.

You’ve always been glad to do it because you enjoy it.

At times, you think to yourself, “How cool would it be if I could make this a business?” Well, you can. You just need a push in that direction. Consider this your push!

There are many ways for you to market your stained glass products and repair skills:

Stained Glass Repairs

Go around to the area antique shops and leave a business card. Good dealers know they are more likely to sell a piece that is in good repair, even if it is not one hundred percent original.

  • If you spot a house or church with stained glass or leaded glass windows in your travels, jot down the address so that you can drop a business card in the mail to the occupant.
  • Send museums and historical societies in your area a business card; they might need your services from time to time.
  • If your local shopper newspaper offers free classified advertising slots, submit a small ad with your telephone number.

Selling Stained Glass Creations

Find a couple of good craft shows in your area, and:

  • Gear some of your creations toward local interests. Depict a famous church, lighthouse, or other landmark, or perhaps the school mascot.
  • Make seasonal and holiday decorations. Nothing is more cheerful in the north in wintertime than a colorful sun-catcher scattering the direct light throughout a room.
  • Have many smaller “impulse items” that sell for under twenty dollars, for shoppers to give their teachers, babysitters, and neighbors.
  • Make a few larger, more expensive items for people who want to splurge on something elaborate.

Have an invitation-only sale out of your house…

Furnish a wide price range of items for sale, to be sure that everyone—from casual acquaintances to friends and family members who are there to support you—can find their comfort level and buy something.

Sell to a local shop or gallery…

Establish a retail price for your items that includes the commission to the gallery, or a profit for the shop, and also makes it worth your while. If it is a high-end establishment, consider creating something large to showcase your skills.

Protecting Your Stained Glass Business

If you are creating your own original designs, you may wish to speak to an intellectual property attorney about the best way to protect your work from being copied and mass-produced by someone else.

At the very least, you should mark your work with a copyright statement, containing the copyright symbol, your name, and year.

Someday, you may consider selling patterns and instructions for your work to hobby shops so that other enthusiasts can benefit from your good designs, in which case, you might go through a formal copyright process.

You may be ambitious enough to tackle this with the U.S. Copyright Office yourself, or you may leave it to an attorney to handle while you keep working on your creations.

Whichever route your stained glass business takes, you need to run it like a business in order to be successful in the long term. Keep track of your costs and time, and price your work accordingly—with a profit for you!

And if you are performing repair services or making retail sales in your stained glass business, you will need to check with your state as to whether or not you are required to collect sales tax.

Essentially, the more business-like you keep things, the more your hobby will be like a business!

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