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Sports Nutrition Business Idea

If you want to turn your passion for health into a new career, become a sports nutrition consultant.

According to the American Obesity Association, about 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight. Another 60 million are obese, and 9 million are severely obese.

These numbers are also rising. For people in the health and nutrition industry, however, there are countless opportunities to help people who are overweight and out of shape achieve their dietary and exercise goals.

In addition to individuals, there are also budding and experienced athletes who want help improving and sustaining their fitness.

When you become a sports nutrition consultant, you can help people prepare for a sports career or improve their general health with nutrition and exercise. Learn more about the finances required to start and run this type of business.

What a Sports Nutrition Consultant Does

A Sports Nutrition Consultant typically works one-on-one with a client, finding out what the client’s goals are, assessing his current level of fitness and nutrition, and developing a plan to help him achieve his goals.

While a nutrition consultant may specialize in recommending specific foods or diets, he may also provide fitness consulting for weight management.

Being able to devise a plan to address different needs is important: the consultant will need to provide a different nutrition plan for a high school athlete seeking better sports fitness than to a new mom seeking to lose baby weight.

How to Become a Sports Nutrition Consultant

Before you begin as a consultant, it’s important to have a thorough background in nutrition, holistic nutrition, physiology, weight management, strength training and bodybuilding.

Some colleges offer degrees in nutrition, but other organizations offer training and certification for nutrition and counseling. While certification is not required in all states, a certification from a respected organization will let your clients know that you have received a good foundation in the subject.

In addition to education, you’ll need experience before striking out on your own. You might work in a nutrition or health food store to become familiar with the types of products that are sold and, more importantly, to get a sense of the questions and problems customers come in with. This is insight that will help you later to become a sports nutrition consultant.

Another place to get experience is in a fitness club. Working with individuals here will also give you the opportunity to network. The more success you have in a club environment, the more people will recommend you.

Starting Your Own Business

When you’re ready strike out on your own, you’ll need to target your customer base. Consider contacting wellness centers at hospitals.

Coaches from high schools and colleges may be able to use your expertise as well. Contact them and let them know that you can devise a healthy, well-researched nutrition program that will help their basketball team. Suggest meeting with the team and giving a class on game day eating, or on recovery day nutrition.

Get to know the owners of sports practice facilities in your area. They may recommend you to a coach or player.

Establish a website with a newsletter containing nutrition tips. Put up flyers on community boards at coffee houses and grocery stores.

With a good education and some relevant experience, you can help others improve their eating habits to have healthier and more athletic lives. Become a sports nutrition consultant and start living your entrepreneurial dreams!

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