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Sports Camp Business Idea

Do you have a passion for sports, coaching, and helping young athletes? You may be wondering how to start a sports camp. Owning a sports camp can be a very lucrative and satisfying small business. You will be responsible for providing kids and teens with intensive training to develop the skills needed to be successful in their chosen sport.

These days kids are interested in all types of athletics like baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, football, lacrosse, etc. Your possibilities are broad and you can focus on any sport (or combination of sports) where you and your coaches have experience. Sports camps were once thought of only being held during the summer season. With the availability of indoor sports facilities, you can hold your camps throughout the year. A sports camp is an excellent way to give students an edge in the sports they play in school.

Overview Of How To Start A Sports Camp

Before we discuss how to start a sports camp, it is important to understand what a typical week will be like. For new campers, you will start out with evaluating their current skills and placing them into appropriate groups. Once you have identified their abilities, it is important to discuss their goals and create a plan to achieve them. Most days will begin with a standard warmup to prepare athletes for their activities during the day.

Next, you will want to focus on drills that reinforce the foundation skills of the chosen sport. While your campers are completing their drills, you might pull individuals aside and coach them on their weaker capabilities. After drills, it is common to provide technical instruction to the group. This is also a good time for some fun team building games. After a break, it is time to play the sport in a realistic, competitive setting. Group members will be paired up into teams and rotate to ensure that many different skills and team strategies are learned.

To cool down after the game, your campers could sit through informative sessions with coaches on topics such as proper nutrition and injury prevention. You could even bring in a pro sports player and have them coach and encourage your eager campers!

What Do I Need To Get Started?

If you think you are ready for a small business that will provide non-stop action, then you are ready to learn how to start a sports camp. Before you open your camp you will need safe and modern equipment. You should check with local schools and colleges to see if they have any used equipment to donate. You can also check with your local sporting good stores as most of them will provide discounts to sports organizations.

Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturers of sports equipment. They will often donate or offer a significant discount as trade for sponsorship opportunities in your camp. Keep in mind that you will not only need sports equipment. You will also need first aid supplies and teaching materials such as whiteboards and notebooks.

If you are not a professional sports coach, you will want to look into some training to enhance your skills. Community colleges often provide classes on coaching, training, nutrition and health. The more training you have, the better coach you will be. It will also be a good idea to have some experience before opening up a camp. You can gain valuable experience by coaching little league or other community sports.

You’ll also need plenty of assistance running your sports camp. In addition to hiring seasoned professionals, you can also augment your staff with talented college students. Especially in the summer months, college athletes can provide a wealth of knowledge and instruction to younger campers.

It is highly recommended that you contact your local Small Business Association to understand all of the permits and licenses you will need. They also provide seminars on budgeting, marketing, and accounting.

You will need to locate the facilities that will hold your sports camp. There are likely many public places available in your city. Community centers and parks are excellent examples as they provide a natural setting and high visibility for your sports camp. Be sure to contact local officials to obtain any necessary permits. Alternatively, you can rent a large warehouse which would allow for many different sport setups. This will also allow you to hold your sessions in adverse weather. Local high schools may also be an option.

Now that you know how to start a sports camp, you need campers! Create signs and banners that will appeal to kids and parents and place them throughout your town. Local magazines newspapers provide very cost-effective advertising for local businesses. Your best source of customers will be from referrals. Your happy campers will tell their friends about your sports camp and naturally they will want to join!

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