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Song Writer Business Idea

Have you ever wondered how to become a song writer? If you’ve longed to put words to music, this could be the creative and career outlet you’ve been looking for.

A song writer creates song lyrics – or words to a song. He also sets those words to music using melody and harmony.

While the process is simple, the act of creating a pleasing song can cause many a musician to pull their hair out.

At the same time, songwriting can also help you to express yourself in a way nothing else can.

Why Write Songs?

Before you learn how to write songs, the first question to ask yourself is why you want to do it. Do you have visions of accepting a Grammy for Song of the Year? Do you want to write songs for yourself or for your band? Do you just want to write for your own satisfaction?

Take the time to truly think about your motivation, because the course you take and the satisfaction you get from songwriting will depend on this.

If you’re interested in commercial success, it will be important to research the industry and write songs which will appeal to the market. If you’re writing for yourself or your band, write music in a style specifically for your vibe and audience.

On the other hand, if you’re just writing for your own satisfaction you don’t have to worry about writing in the same genre or appealing to a listener base.

Do You Love To Write Songs?

Another question: do you truly enjoy writing songs? Obviously you have an interest, but to be a song writer you need to feel compelled to set thoughts to music.

Have you always jotted down pieces of lyrics or melodies that came into your head? Do you have unlimited stories to tell? When you write songs, some will inevitably be duds, so to find success you will undoubtedly have to write a lot.

How To Become A Song Writer

Everyone has their own technique for writing. Some artists write the music first, others the lyrics. Some also only specialize in writing lyrics and rely on collaborators to help create the music. For most musicians, however, the song starts with an idea or a story that they want to share.

Being able to read and write music is extremely helpful, although there are some musicians who play by ear. If you’re shaky on your notes and theory, take some classes so you’ll feel confident in your abilities.

Many of the songs which have become successful have a relevance that connects to their readers. When people hear the words of the song, they relate to the situation and respond emotionally. Whether it’s the man begging his girl to take him back in Hit the Road, Jack, or the guy telling his girl it’s Too late to apologize, we can all identify with the feelings of love and loss.

As an aspiring song writer, you can find many resources for growing your craft available. Look for books and magazines about the music industry in your local bookstore. Keep up with popular songs in different genres, and also analyze what makes them work.

For more information and songwriting tips, check out the website Lyrical Line ( Keep writing, and you’ll soon know how to become a song writer and be closer than ever to hearing the sounds of your successes.

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