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Solar Business Idea

In an age when going green has become a popular mainstream notion, the need for green options (such as how to start a solar business) is greater than ever.

As the government increasingly proposes mandates and funding to support green ventures both in commercial and residential sectors, more and more entrepreneurs can find their success in this fast-paced industry.

While there are a variety of green business ideas, some of the best options exist with solar energy. There are currently a wide number of solar products available, for both commercial and residential use.

Individuals interested in learning how to start a solar business could consider being simply a product supplier or a full on installation company. Other avenues in this arena can include consultation work, perhaps serving as a solar conversion specialist.

How To Start A Solar Business – Preparation

While there are no prerequisites for launching a solar business, there are some preparations that would be wise to consider. First, interested individuals should consider some kind of formalized education. There are an increasing number of degrees that deal with environmental issues, any of which might be helpful when trying to get an edge on the solar market.

However, training in business management or even engineering or construction can also be helpful, depending on the business model being pursued. The key for any successful business owner is to understand the product they offer and the process best suited to provide that product. In this way, an educational background can be a huge help, though not always necessary.

While there is some give-and-take in terms of education, there are certain certifications that are not so negotiable. For solar panel installation, all businesses will need to check with their state government to see what type of licensing is necessary. Often, a contractor’s license is sufficient, but these standards will vary from state to state.

There are also a number of national certifications for the green industry, so it may be beneficial to check out such avenues as well. One of the more widely respected ones is from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. While this type of certification is not a requirement when learning how to start a solar business, it can be a great way to define a new business and set it apart from the growing competition.

Launching Your Solar Business

After ensuring that the proper training and certification are secured, business owners must turn their attention to taking their business to the public. While all businesses begin as nothing more than a strong idea, there is far more to learning how to start a solar business than that.

Solar businesses usually require a decent amount of investment, especially for those who hope to provide installation services. For these businesses, they must not only have trained employees, but they must also have the equipment necessary to complete the project, including standard construction equipment and high quality solar panels.

Before getting started, it is essential that there is sufficient funds to purchase these items.

Then, no matter how solid the business model is and how efficiently organized the finances and insurance may be, a solar business is nothing without clients. To get clients, business owners need to focus their attention on advertising.

While many people may be interested in going green, marketing to individuals who are not looking to complete major renovations on their current home or business may not be the most effective route. Rather, focus on advertising to new constructions or renovation projects, which may mean working with realtors, construction companies, or even interior decorators to receive quality references.

By taking these steps into consideration, anyone with the power to think big can get in on the green movement and learn how to start a solar business today.

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  1. Happy December 14, 2011 at 2:32 am

    i think is a brilliant idea especially for us in Africa

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