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Snow Removal Business Idea

Snow is big business in many areas and a snow removal business has a high profit potential. Snow removal is a service that you can start with a truck and a plow and grow from there.

For kids, you can even start this business with just a snow shovel, broom, and some elbow grease. Although this article is geared for truck-based snow removal operations, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start a small snow removal business with just the basics.

You’ll want to start with the following tools, supplies, and equipment:

  • Truck with plow attachment
  • Snow blower
  • Shovels
  • Ice melter

The truck must be reliable, mechanically sound, and have the ability to get to locations in the worst weather. Have your business name and number printed professionally on the side of your truck.

Purchase the proper clothing. Snow removal may find you sitting in your truck using the plow or outside shoveling in the cold. Insulated and waterproof clothing, gloves, and footwear is essential.

Contact an insurance agent and obtain the necessary insurance to protect you in case of accidental damage to property. Hire a contract lawyer to draw up contracts to be used with customers. Contracts are for your protection as well as the customer’s. Make use of them.

License your business with the proper local authorities.

Success For Your Snow Removal Business

Unlike many other services, a snow removal business runs nearly non-stop in the winter and remains idle the rest of the year. To be successful, it will be essential to sign up enough customers to profit, but not sign up too many that you cannot keep up.

Each winter season is different, but imagine the worst case scenario where you are responsible for snow removal after a heavy storm. Calculate the number of customers you can reasonably accommodate.

To ensure a steady income during the winter months, obtain as many ongoing snow removal contracts as you can. If possible, be willing to do “on call” work.

Most importantly, remove snow as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep your customers happy with your level of service.

Where Do I Find Customers?

Concentrate first on getting snow removal contracts with business establishments. Check prices charged by other snow removal companies and determine if you can do it for less. All businesses have parking lots and sidewalks that need snow removal services. Send direct mail, make cold calls, and talk directly to managers, selling your services.

Other establishments that require snow removal are apartment complexes, hospitals, clinics, schools, and libraries.

There is a large consumer market to target. Placing ads in newspapers and using the Yellow Pages are two great ways to let people know about your snow removal services. You can also place fliers and business cards on public bulletin boards.

Growing Your Business

A snow removal business is obviously seasonal, so the addition of some kind of year-round services will add to your income. Snow removal businesses often provide lawn services in the non-winter months.

The same truck you use in the winter to transport your equipment and plow snow with can be used to transport lawn mowers and rakes. Mowing lawns, trimming shrubbery, and raking leaves are all high-demand services. In addition, many of your snow removal customers may also require lawn services, giving you a built-in customer base.

Another way to expand is to buy additional trucks and hire employees to accommodate more customers.

A snow removal business can be started with one truck or several. Snow removal is a wide open market with a huge customer base to tap into. Although a competitive business, by offering superior customer service and doing a consistently quality job will help ensure your snow removal business success.

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