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Shrink Wrapping Business Idea

Are you interested in a low-cost, unique, high-profit-potential business? Check out this great article on starting a shrink wrapping business

Almost everyone has seen boats shrinkwrapped in marinas for winter storage or shrinkwrapped products travelling down the highway.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to cover large objects and what the costs are? Did you ever wonder who does the shrinkwrapping? The answer is actually a great small business idea. 

The answer is shrinkwrapping. It’s a fairly simple system consisting of specialized equipment and material. 

The installation is a series of logical steps with common sense thrown into the mix. 

Even with the specialized materials and equipment, shrinkwrapping is still a very economical method of protecting products against weather damage while being stored or transported. 

Boat Shrink Wrap

Starting a shrink wrapping business doesn’t require a great deal of capital but can yield great profits. Here’s one popular service – a boat shrink wrap.

All of the equipment necessary to cover almost any object can fit in the back of a pickup truck!

Is There Demand For A Shrink Wrapping Business?

Shrinkwrapping has been used, mainly in the marine market, for over 25 years.  However, it is now becoming very popular for all types of industrial applications as well as construction and disaster restoration. In today’s recessionary economy, shrinkwrapping has proven to be resistant to downturn. 

There are always products which need to be protected against weather damage, so what was formerly a seasonal business can now be a year-round profit center.

How Much Does It Cost To Start?

Anyone wishing to start a shrink wrapping business will need approximately $2,500.00 for start up costs. It truly can be a low cost business to start.

This will include the necessary hardware, various shrinkwrap sizes to cover a variety of products, and installation accessories which include propane fired heat tools, tape, vents, strapping, and zipper doors. 

In addition to the items purchased from a full service—full circle shrinkwrap distributor, the prospective shrink wrapping business owner will need ladders, 20-lb. propane tanks, handsaw, hand truck, and other common tools.

Make sure to buy the highest quality products and material you can afford – this approach usually pays off in the long run.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Special shrink wrap machines are used in a shrink wrapping business. Here’s a shrinkwrapped injection molding machine that is being protected for transportation so it looks like new when the customer unwraps it.

But don’t go overboard! Start small and grow your equipment expenditures as your business grows. 

Getting Started

Before considering shrinkwrapping, it is necessary to watch a professionally produced training CD.  Again, the installation of shrinkwrap is a series of logical steps with common sense thrown into the mix. 

The business owner must be confident using a propane powered heat tool to shrink the material.  It should also be noted that shrinkwrap rolls can weigh as much as 200 pounds, and at certain times the wrapping process will have to be done in inclement weather.  

In looking for a shrinkwrap supplier/distributor the prospective shrink wrapping business owner should locate a company which sells all the products to make a complete shrinkwrapping system.  The supplier should:

  1. Stress that their products are 100% virgin resin with maximum UV filtration for ease of use and durability. 
  2. Have a recycling program for used shrinkwrap.
  3. Have all items in stock for immediate shipment.  It is very important to have immediate turnaround on orders year-round.
  4. Have a 24 hour order/help line to make sure all questions are answered promptly.
  5. Have a wide selection of shrinkwrap widths—12’ to 40’ and different mil thicknesses for unique jobs.  They should also have specialized shrinkwrap including Flame Retardant, Anti-corrosion, and Anti-microbial to complete the lineup.
  6. Pass along leads to the business owner.
  7. Offer professional training at either their location or onsite.

Shrinkwrapping can be a very exciting business with great profit margins.  The work is enjoyable (instant gratification when the wrap shrinks), and allows you to be your own boss.  There are very few things that cannot be shrinkwrapped, so every day has the potential to be different. Start a shrink wrapping business today!

This article was graciously provided by Dr. Shrink, Inc.

To learn more about this exciting business or for more information please contact:

Dr. Shrink, Inc.
315 Washington St.  Manistee, MI  49660
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