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Shoe Designer Business Idea

If foot fashion is your fetish, you may want to know how to become a shoe designer.

Think about it: even famous shoe designers like Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik began their careers with talent, skill, and a passion for footwear. If you already have the passion, let’s see how you can get the rest.

For a sampling of what the world of shoe fashion is like, it’s a good idea to take a shoe-making course. A variety of organizations offer short, one to five day classes to help you get a taste of how to make shoes. If this appeals to you, consider in enrolling in more in depth programs.

Fashion schools offer one and two year programs which will give you a thorough foundation in the industry.

How To Become A Shoe Designer

Becoming an apprentice for a designer is another way to augment your education. You will be able to see how shoe designs are developed and how those designs translate from paper to reality.

It may take some time before you have a thorough background in shoe making, but always keep drawing and designing shoes to add to your portfolio.

The fashion business is just that – a business. The more you know about the operation, marketing, and planning of the shoe industry the better. What are the current business trends which affect what people wear? For example, when business people began dressing more casually, sales of dress shoes decreased.

Likewise, with our climate changes because of global warming, fewer heavy clothes (and boots) will be needed.

Websites like have information that can help you. Also look at the websites of shoe designers to see what insight they can offer.

In addition to having general knowledge of the business aspect of things, write a well thought out business plan to help guide you through the process and to test out your assumptions.

Decide On Your Style

Keeping fashion trends and business trends in mind, decide on the focus for your shoe line. Will it be shoes for adults, kids, or people in between? Will you design trendy shoes which match the ever-changing seasonal fashions, or will you rely on classic designs which have more longevity?

Once you have determined the direction of your line, you’ll need to make your designs. Computer software can help you with the graphics. Once you have some workable designs, you will need to make samples.

Make Your Shoes

Shoe manufacturers can bring your designs to life. You can do a computer search to find manufacturer, and contact them to identify ones that are interested in working with new, independent designers.

Sell Your Shoes

Although you might want to take your shoes straight to Nordstrom to get sold, it may take a while before you can get that type of visibility. In the meantime, look for shoe distributors who can help.

You can also sell your shoes independently, at home parties, or on eBay. Go to trade and fashion shows to make contacts. Give some samples to friends or associates who have influence and contacts. Visit independent boutiques and show your samples and portfolio. Establish a website so people can order your shoes directly.

With creativity and hard work you can learn how to become a shoe designer and fulfill your dream of designing shoes for a living.

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