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Service Business Ideas

If you’re considering learning how to start a service business, a home based service business may be the way to go. Leveraging your own skills, service businesses are relatively easy to start and do not require a great deal of up-front capital.

And since you are the “product” in your service business, there are almost unlimited ways to differentiate your business from the competition – it just takes some creativity on your part.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the service industry accounts for 55% of all economic activity in our country. While some businesses produce products that you buy, a service business provides, well, service.

What Do You Bring To the Party?

With a service business, you are selling your knowledge, expertise, skills or time. Think about what you have to offer. Do you have organizational skills? Do you have strong secretarial and administrative skills?

Maybe you could be a virtual assistant, supporting businesses around the world. Maybe you could use your entrepreneurial experience to provide consulting for others with small business services. There are thousands of options in how to start a service business – you just have to look in the mirror for ideas!

Even if you don’t have a specific area of technical knowledge, if you have time, that may be your advantage. You could start a personal shopper or food delivery business for people who can’t seem to find the time to shop. You could start a dog walking service or pet sitting business.

It’s essential to determine what your skills are—what you do well and what you like to do. Since this is something you’ll be spending many hours involved in, it needs to be something you love, not just something you feel you SHOULD do.

How To Start A Service Business – Is There A Market?

One of the advantages of starting a service business, particularly when it’s in your home is the lower cost of investment. However, since it’s an easier business to start, many other people may also be interested in starting their own similar businesses.

Thousands of seemingly great ideas have failed because the need did not exist for it, or because the need did exist, but the market was flooded.

It is essential to do a business analysis to determine if your business has a chance of being viable. Are there other similar businesses in the area in which you’re competing? Can they keep up with demand?

If not, perhaps there’s room for another service. Is your business a local one, or can it be done long-distance? Can you target an area where the need is great, but the competition is low?

What Makes Your Business Special?

When a customer is looking through the Yellow Pages, what will make him choose you? Can you offer something special that differentiates you from your competitors? Is it your speedy service? Your guarantee of accuracy? Stellar expertise? Reliability?

What promise would matter most to your customers, and is it one you want to make? If you can make that promise consistently (and deliver on it), you’ll need to market that in all you do.

A Word About Customer Service

Critical. When you’re selling a service, it’s not always what the customer receives as much as how the customer receives it. Treating customers well by understanding their needs and making them feel special are important in any business, but especially a service business where you, essentially, are the product.

Keeping customer service in mind is critical when learning how to start a service business.

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