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Security Business Idea

Starting a security business is an excellent way to start a new career or add a second source of income.

According to recent statistics from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2005 Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program the following are reasons why the need for security businesses is growing:

There were a reported 417,122 instances of robbery reported nationwide.

Robbery crimes increased more than any other category at a national increase of 3.9%.

2,154,126 crimes of burglary were reported annually.

Burglary crimes cost an average of $1,725 to the property/business owner per offense.

Starting a security business will likely take longer to start than some other business ventures. The following are some points to consider.

Starting A Security Business

Training and Licensure: If you do not have any previous experience in law enforcement, the military, or security consider hiring someone who does. Unlike most businesses in which other job experience easily translates, starting a security business requires you to have a specific skill set that requires experience and training.

There are several security training options available including private schools, state programs, and technical and university classes.

In most jurisdictions you will need to obtain certain certifications and licensures. You should plan 6-8 months to obtain these credentials. Each state has different standards and you should also check with your city clerk for any local requirements with your security guard business.

Start-up Costs: The costs for starting a security business are between $7,000 and $50,000 depending on the opening number of clients and employees.

Analyze the Competition: Most businesses fail because they cannot sustain their costs in the first year. Before starting any business you will need to find the best market for your business and then analyze your competition to find your niche.

Look through phone listings and internet searches to establish the number of competitors in your potential market. Call and request marketing materials, look through websites, and list their strengths and weaknesses. These may include price, target audience, company image, etc.

Find your Customer: Your initial marketing campaign should consist of email, web presence, cold calling, and direct contact opportunities. Utilize technology and outsourcing to maximize the number of customers you reach and minimize the costs of your marketing campaign. Freelance help is available to help with brochure design, website design, web promotion, etc.

For the same price as a software program you can have your products professionally designed. Also, there are many marketing agencies that now offer packages for the start up business that are reasonably priced.

Network and Launch: Once you locate potential customers plan a launch event. For about $1,000.00 in expenses you can hold an event that will provide a press opportunity, potential customers, and an instant network of associates.

Events can be fancy or simple. An example would be a one-day event for business owners that can provide free security advice and information. The only costs are for the venue rent, a keynote speaker or product, and refreshments. It is a great way to distribute your initial marketing and advertising and the press will often cover free community events.

One final note to consider: as you gain experience in office and home security, you can also expand your operations by starting a security consultant business. This is a great add-on that requires very little additional capital.

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