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Scrapbooking Business Idea

Start a scrapbooking business and help people fashionably organize and display their family photographs, newspaper clippings, and favorite memorabilia.

Working with your clients, you’ll help them gather, catalog and organize their scrapbook items. Using these items, your business will then design and produce custom scrapbooks for your customers.

This business can easily be operated from home. You can quite easily start your business from home or start your scrapbook business online.

Understanding your market is essential when you are just getting started. Do you plan to sell your scrapbooking items and services locally or try to reach a broader market? The answer to this question will help you better target and prioritize your advertising strategies.

Starting A Scrapbooking Business

Before making the decision to start your business, sit down and ask yourself of few questions…

  • Why do you want to go into business?
  • Would you enjoy scrapbooking more just as a hobby?
  • Do you have a unique scrapbooking approach that will attract customers?
  • What is your timeframe for starting your business?

You should be confident that starting a business is the right thing for you to do. While a lot of fun, taking a scrapbook business online can be hard work.

How To Succeed

You should have a flair for creativity as well as organization skills to best succeed in a scrapbooking home business. Targeted advertising will also be vital to your success. Start by advertising in local community centers and nursing homes.

For better name recognition consider joining a scrapbooking organization or franchise. Always bring sample scrapbooks on sales calls. Your samples will give your clients ideas for additional scrapbook needs.

Make sure to purchase the necessary scrapbooking supplies and learn how to use them all. But watch your expenses! Only spend what you absolutely need to in order to get started. You can always add supplies and scrapbooking equipment later on as you grow.

Growing Your Business

Once your business is off and running, here are some ideas to help you grow:

  • Design and sell your own line of blank, custom scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies.
  • Conduct local scrapbook design workshops at your local community center.
  • Offer a service to digitize photographs and slides and other printed material to form a digital scrapbook or photo album.

Expand your business reach nationally by selling your scrapbook services and supplies online. You could also develop an online or video course that teaches others how to scrapbook for fun or business.

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