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Sandblasting Business Idea

If you are considering starting a sandblasting business, remember the three factors for excellent workmanship: practice, preparation, and precision. Expert work, excellent customer service, and a strong work ethic will determine whether your business is a success or not. If you have experience with sandblasting, starting your own business may be the ideal business choice for you.

There are two approaches to consider when you think about starting a sandblasting business. You can buy a truck or van and run a mobile operation or you can offer services from a fixed location . It is less costly to run a mobile operation, particularly in the beginning. Whichever you decide, sandblasting is a service that is often needed by a variety of people and businesses.

Starting A Sandblasting Business

When starting a sandblasting business, one of the most important decisions to make is the type of sandblasting services to offer. Perhaps you are skilled in a certain type. There are many choices available to you, but a little research will head you in the right direction. Investigate the competition in your area to find out what services they offer and how much they charge.

If possible, choose a specific niche and specialization that is different than any of your competitors. For example, one niche might be to offer headstone sandblasting services exclusively. Headstones are often purchased ahead of time and require the date of death to be sandblasted when needed.

Purchase sandblasting equipment from an industrial supply store. Do some comparison shopping first to determine the best value for the money. You will also require either a van or a building to lease. Again, shop around for the best value. Don’t forget that value does not always mean purchasing the least expensive item. Your equipment and vehicle will be in constant use and must be reliable.

If necessary, contact the Small Business Administration to find out about low cost loans and additional means of financing. Obtain the necessary contractor and business licenses for your area as well as liability insurance.

Finding Customers

Advertise your business in the Yellow Pages and through classified advertising. Speak with cemetery and headstone providers about your services in order to form partnerships. Construction and building business owners may be open to hiring you on a subcontractor basis. Join local business and construction related groups to make contacts for future work. It may take time to build a sandblasting business, but it will be worth it in the end.

Business Expansion

Once you are established in the sandblasting industry you can plan to further expand your business. If you have until this point been a completely mobile operation, you may choose to lease a building and offer both a fixed location and a mobile service. Additional staff will be required so make sure each professional is highly skilled.

Your reputation depends on it. Another approach is to offer various services in addition to sandblasting. For example, you may purchase pressure washing equipment and offer pressure washing services. Related services might include waterproofing, basic masonry, masonry repair, graffiti removal, fence repair, and other types of repair and maintenance.

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