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Reunion Organizer Business Idea

Starting a reunion organizer business takes a bit of creativity, an organizational mind, and a load of hard work.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, though, starting this type of business can be wildly fun, immensely satisfying, and incredibly profitable.

Plus there are a variety of niches in which to specialize such as family reunions, high school class reunions, military reunions, etc.

It’s also the sort of thing work from home moms can learn to master.

What Does A Reunion Organizer Do?

The types of events that you can plan can be family reunions big or small, high school or college reunions, alumni parties, military reunions, etc. Your creativity is the only limit to what kind of celebrations you will plan.

People will pay you good money to do the hard work of planning, arranging, inviting, and coordinating the event so that they can focus on the fun and good times. For you, then, the fun and good times begin in the planning stages. You will take someone’s idea for a reunion and do all that it takes throughout the whole process to bring that event to a successful completion.

This will involve everything from your first consultative handshake to the final cleanup after the event is over to all the family reunions games you’ve laid on in between.

What Is Needed?

Thankfully, starting a reunion organizing business doesn’t take a whole lot of capital. Ideally, the money can come up front from your client. However, money should not be your primary concern.

First, you’ll need to be organized. It is absolutely necessary to keep everything in order – dates, expenditures, names, events, timing, clients, caterers, menus, transportation methods, addresses etc.

To aid you in your organization, brainstorm to come up with a smart way to stay organized throughout the process. A one-stop system for keeping all your schedules, receipts, addresses, and plans in order is a must-have.

Second, you’re going to need some people skills. A reunion is all about people – friends, families, loved ones etc. The process therefore has to start with someone who knows people, loves people, and can work with people wonderfully well.

There will be times of tension. Can you diffuse them? There will be times of confusion. Can you work through them? There will be times of exuberance. Can you smile? There will be lots of questions. Can you answer them? There will be unreasonable demands. Can you deliver them?

All along the way, it’s crucial to keep your spirits up, to keep a smile on your face, and to keep your customer satisfied. After all, the key to good business is customer satisfaction. Remember, not every customer and not every event are the same: family reunion ideas should be vastly different to those you’ll have for a WWII veteran’s reunion. Be sure to adapt your plans to the specific occasion.

Third, you’re going to need some help. If you think that you can be the chief cook and bottle washer for a 500-guest class reunion, think again. An event of this magnitude requires an insane amount of help. Thus, you will need to enlist the help of guests, caterers, bus drivers, entertainers, DJs, print agencies, and a host of others.

While you can start a reunion business on your own, you’re going to need to subcontract much of the work out and delegate many tasks to others. You, after all, are the organizer – not the person who needs to mop the floors at the end of the night.

Finally, be creative. What kind of things will make an event like this really come alive? You’re going to want repeat business, so how do you create an event that will keep your customers coming back next year?

Will you make t-shirts for guests, send them home with a DVD, provide prizes, have a karaoke or set up a photo booth? Remember, you’re competing for the most enjoyable event organization possible. Your competition is the do-it-yourself software that’s out there, Aunt B’s request to organize it herself, and the other reunion organizer in town.

Set yourself apart by thinking outside the box and delivering a stunning and mouth-dropping good time. If you think you can do this, you should look into becoming a reunion organizer right away.

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