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Resume Writing Business Idea

One of the easiest ways for a savvy writer to make money is to start a resume writing business.

Think about it – almost every working adult uses or could use a resume.

People may be looking for a job for the first time – they may be looking for a promotion within or outside of their company

Perhaps they’re getting back into the job market after a break, or looking for employment after losing a job.

As a resume writer, you can help your clients present their strongest skills, background and employment history in a way that sells them to employers.

Why Hire a Resume Writer?

There are plenty of how-to books around on how to write a resume, so why would someone hire a resume writer? A resume writer is more objective and can often see details in a resume that the client cannot.

Also, a resume writer has the experience that comes from writing numerous resumes, and can bring those ideas to the client for a new, fresh approach.

When you start a resume writing business, always keep in mind that you will be part resume writer and part career coach. You need to understand the job markets thoroughly and bring this perspective into the resumes that you write.

How to Write a Resume

In order to tout yourself as experienced, you have to actually get the experience. Resume writing strategies change over time, so make sure you’re up to date so you can offer the best.

Read those how-to books yourself, and practice writing resumes. Ask your friends if you can update their resume for free. Be comfortable with chronological, functional and combined resumes.

Technology has affected the resume-writing world. Computers scan resumes for keywords to see if the potential employee’s experience matches the company’s needs. Understand keywords and how to write a resume that incorporates them.

Resumes are no longer just paper products. Resumes sent by e-mail may need to be sent in different formats in order to be opened by various word processing programs. Read up on how to tailor resumes for the digital world.

Start A Resume Writing Business – Resume Writing Tips

In your resume writing business, there are a few tips that will enhance any resume you write.

  • Spelling and grammar must be perfect. One of the easiest ways to weed through a pile of resumes is to find a misspelling.
  • Tailor the resume to the specific job or company. You want to emphasize the fit between candidate and job, so eliminate vague objective statements.
  • Be specific. Too many job seekers list their job responsibilities, not their accomplishments. Detail what your client successfully did. Use strong action words. When possible, use quantitative data to show success, i.e. decreased expenses 10% by consolidating vendors.
  • Offer additional services such as cover letters and thank you notes.

Develop a Portfolio of Resume Examples

As you write resumes (either for practice of for pay), keep a copy in a portfolio. If the copy is from a real client, either ask for permission or change details to maintain the client’s privacy.

New clients will ask for examples of your work, and it will be quite impressive when you can pull out a book. Likewise, if you have a website, it is helpful if you can show several examples of your resumes online.

Find Your Clients

Contact placement offices at local colleges and employment agencies. Place ads in flyers at coffee houses and grocery stores. Put a small ad in local free newspapers.

With minimal equipment (computer, laser printer and phone), you can start a resume writing business that helps customers launch their careers.

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