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Respondent Business Idea

Learning how to become a respondent can be an excellent small business opportunity you can run out of your home and in your spare time. A respondent is a person who gets paid to participate in market research studies, focus groups, and surveys. Businesses are keenly interested in gaining knowledge about the public’s perception of their products. They want to know how customers use their products, what they think of new product ideas, and ways to improve or meet customer needs. Corporations hire marketing agencies that conduct surveys, studies, and bring focus groups together to answer specific questions about products or services. Respondents become part of a larger group that gets a say in how a company proceeds with its products and services.

How to Become a Respondent

Marketing agencies conduct the following types of studies that often use paid respondents:

  • Market Research Study: Marketing research studies define segments of the consumer or business population that show an interest in a product or service. Market research is designed to give businesses an idea about the viability of bringing a new product or service to market before they continue developing it.
  • Focus Groups: A focus group is a small gathering of people brought together to answer formal questions about a specific product. Groups typically number 5-15 people.
  • Surveys: Surveys are comprised of a list of specific questions, generally with multiple-choice answers, used to gather personal opinion, attitudes, preferences, and satisfaction levels with certain companies, products, or services.

Your primary goal when first learning how to become a respondent is to locate these types of opportunities in which to participate.

How to Become a Qualified Respondent

Marketing agencies are hired to choose a target group of qualified respondents to participate in one or more aspects of their research. Qualified respondents vary from study to study. Some products may appeal only to a certain demographic segment. For example, an idea for a new toy requires study respondents who are parents. Some products are made for women, some for men, others for seniors, or other groups. Only respondents who fit the target market profile participate.

Search online for survey and study respondent opportunities. Most online marketing sites require a completed application before you become eligible to participate. Requested application information includes your name, geographic location, gender, marital status, family size, and may include other information, such as yearly income levels. The marketing agency requires this information in order to match you with specific studies or surveys.

Before signing up to become a respondent, keep the following in mind:

  • Read all terms of service before agreeing to them. Particularly pay attention to what is done with the information you volunteer and how payments are made.
  • Do not continue the application process if you are asked for your bank or credit card account numbers, social security number, PayPal account password, or other personal information that could be used for identity or property theft.

After receiving your application, the marketing agency will match you with the studies and surveys for which you qualify.

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