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Rental Property Cleaning Business Idea

If you have experience in the cleaning industry, it may be time for you to think about how to start a rental property cleaning business. Rental property owners and managers often require the services of cleaning professionals as people move in and out.

Rental cleaning can involve more than just cleaning. It may also involve removing trash, left behind property, and minor repairs. Added services provide incentive for customers to hire you. The services you offer depend on your skills and are entirely up to you.

How to Start a Rental Property Cleaning Business

Begin by ascertaining whether or not there is a demand for your services. Are there already cleaning companies in your area? How many are there? How many rental properties are there? Will the market sustain another cleaning business?

Do you have the ability to offer services the competition does not, making you more attractive to property managers? If there is competition, you will have to find some way to make your service the most appealing option.

Become knowledgeable about cleaning products and chemicals. Learn about green solutions that clean with the least damage to the environment. Make sure you know how to safely use each cleaning product. Some products may cause dangerous chemical reactions when used together, so become an expert.

Below is a list of required equipment to run a rental property cleaning business:

  • Cleaning products
  • Rags, mops, buckets, and brooms
  • Vacuums: Wet and dry vacuums
  • Carpet cleaning equipment
  • Van or truck to transport employees and supplies

Contact local governing offices to obtain a business license and any other permits that may be required.

Becoming a Success

Running a successful cleaning business is more than just knowing how to clean. Finding customers will be your first challenge. Place ads in the local newspapers and rental magazines. Have business cards printed up and create brochures that explain your services.

If possible, meet with rental property owners and managers face-to-face. If they already use a service, let them know why yours is different and ask them to keep you in mind for the future. Many sales happen weeks or months after initial contact.

The best way to move from how to start a rental property cleaning business to becoming a success will be to obtain ongoing contracts with rental property managers. Property owners have the assurance that properties are professionally cleaned each time and you have the security of having measurable cash flow for the life of the contract.

Your reputation depends on each and every job you do. Always work professionally, completely, and offer the finest customer service.

Expanding Your Cleaning Operations

Expansion opportunities are many in the cleaning business. Adding an additional cleaning crew is an option that allows you to take on more contracts. If you have skills in construction, maintenance, or related fields, adding those services gives you the means to do more for current customers and attract new ones.

Added services might include:

  • Trash removal
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery
  • Home cleaning services

Learning how to start a rental property cleaning business and turning it into a thriving operation can become one of the most profitable journeys of your life.

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