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Remodeling Business Idea

If you have the skills and desire to start a remodeling business, you have taken the first steps toward becoming your own boss. Millions of construction workers, carpenters, and others skilled in the building and remodeling industries started their careers working for someone else. After honing their craft, they struck out on their own, worked hard, and built a thriving remodeling business.

A remodeling business can be a success even during economic recessions. Fewer people sell their homes during recessions, instead choosing to remodel their existing homes to better fit their needs. Businesses often do the same. Rather than move to a new location, they remodel work and office areas to improve the space they have. The decision to start a remodeling business is one that can result in rich rewards.

Learning How to Start a Remodeling Business

Most people who start a remodeling business are already skilled in all aspects of the construction and building industries. If your skills are lacking, get suitable training, partner with someone, or prepare to hire highly skilled employees.

In most states, remodeling contractors must be state certified and licensed. Any employees you hire may also be required to have special credentials. Contact your area business licensing agencies to apply for the proper certifications.

Meet with a contract lawyer who can draw contracts up for you to use with customers. A remodeling business contract must be intricately detailed, outlining each and every step of the remodeling process. It is important that you use detailed contracts with each customer to avoid legal problems later on. Meet with an insurance agent to obtain the necessary liability insurance to protect you, your employees, and your business.

From Start-Up to Success

Successful service businesses all have the same qualities. They do the following extremely well:

  • Go above and beyond the call of duty to meet the customer’s needs
  • Charge prices that are fair, yet profitable
  • Perform the service better than anyone else

Pricing your services in a way that is competitive does not necessarily mean that you charge less than the other remodeling companies. Some companies that charge lower prices may be cutting corners in workmanship or materials. As a business owner, your job will be to let potential customers know that you will do the job, do it well, and charge a fair price.

Your reputation as a contractor is extremely important. Always deal with customers fairly. Mistakes will inevitably happen, but most customers will respond positively if you deal with them in an equitable way.

Advertise in the Yellow Pages and local newspapers. Radio and television ads may also be useful if the budgets allows. Speak with business owners in related industries, such as electricians and plumbers. Forming working relationships with them will broaden your customer base.

As you complete jobs for customers, request testimonials. Build a portfolio that includes not only the testimonials, but high quality pictures of your work.

Growing Your Remodeling Business

When you start a remodeling business, you plan every detail. The same should be true as you look toward expanding. If you find yourself refusing work because your are too busy, branching out is a logical step. Below are some ways to expand your remodeling business:

  • Add building services
  • Hire additional work crews
  • Open an office with reception and staff
  • Add seasonal services such as winter home preparation

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