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Recruiter Business Idea

If you become a recruiter, you will be finding quality employees to fill executive-level corporate positions.

This not an easy task for many businesses. Most Human Resource departments simply do not have the resources available to screen, filter, and find qualified executives.

You can find these leaders and make money from doing so by starting an executive-recruiting small business today.

Your recruiting business will provide executive searches, screenings, and pre-interview services. You will charge a finder’s fee – typically a percentage of first year salary.

This is a business that you can start and manage from your home. It requires very little start up cost, involves a lot of interaction with people, and will not necessitate a travel schedule.

What You’ll Need To Become A Recruiter

Recruiter jobs are great, but they are not for everyone. As jobs go, it is one of the industries with a high turnover rate of people. The main reason for this is a lack of determination. It takes some time to get established, and therefore it takes determination to get through the first several thousand phone calls before you start getting job orders and candidates.

You’ll also need the ability to speak on the phone. Finding employment opportunities or carrying out an executive job search is not always done in person – it’s done over the phone.

To become a recruiter, you’ll need to find a field in which you can recruit. Executive recruiting’ sounds impressive, but what kinds of executives will you take on?

Find a field that interests you, learn all about it, and begin to recruit in that particular field. This could be as specific as private equity lending executives or water-filtration engineering professionals. You could also constrain your niche field geographically (e.g., recruiting surfboard designers in California) to further narrow down the field.

Keeping careful records and being generally plugged in’ are the keys to this business, and there is a variety of recruiting software available to help you do these things. Find one that meets your needs and use it to stay organized and manage your calls.

You’ll also be making a lot of calls, so ensure you have a good telephone and calling plan.

Expanding Your Business

Establishing a network of qualified executive candidates will be a big key to your success. Networking is the name of the game. Subscribe to executive-listing databases, and do not be afraid to make cold calls to potential job seekers. That is often where you will generate the best business.

Get connected on the online networking sites. LinkedIn is essentially an online resume database where professionals network together for business purposes. Establish an online presence in this way and by creating a website where potential clients and candidates can contact you and find out about your services.

Set yourself out as an honest and respectful recruiter. Many recruiters have sullied the name of recruiting by dishonesty and bad practice. Avoid online job boards (CareerBuilder,, Yahoo Hot Jobs) as much as possible, as most recruiters are sourcing their candidates from these locations. Find quality, passive candidates who will provide the most appeal to hiring managers.

In addition to recruiting, represent executive clients in their corporate job searches. Leverage your business experience and offer coaching services to executives in areas such as public speaking, negotiations, conflict resolution and employee motivation.

Expand your business and services to include employee recruiting at all levels within an organization, and then hire additional employees to provide on-site recruiting services for your customers. Within a short space of time, your success will show you that you have officially become a recruiter!

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