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Puppet Show Business Idea

You’ve always loved puppets, so why not start a business sharing puppet show stories with others?

Most children adore puppets. That’s why Sesame Street has always been so popular. Children love the stories and songs and the mystery of the stage.

If you want to create a traveling theater as an adult enterprise or even as a teen business, a puppet company could be the one for you.

What Type of Puppets?

The first decision to make is what kind of puppets you’ll have. Finger puppets will probably be too small to be seen in a larger room or auditorium, so you may want to concentrate on hand puppets.

You can make hand puppets yourself using simple puppet patterns. You can also buy hand puppets from various websites. However, if you want to ensure the originality of your characters, you should create your own. Go to your local craft store for ideas and help.

As you create your characters, think about how you’ll use them. What are their personalities? Does their appearance match? When you create your scripts, you’ll want puppets that fit well into the storyline.

Puppet Stages

Once you have found your puppet family, your next critical piece of equipment is your stage. You can design a stage and you or a skilled carpenter can build it with wood and fabric. The stage should be tall enough that you can sit behind it in a chair.

If you ever have a second puppeteer working with you, make sure your stage is big enough for you both.

Other Equipment Needed

For performances of your puppet show stories, you will need a chair, a speaker and a CD player or iPod with speakers. You may also need to bring a floodlight for the stage.

Puppet Show Stories – Scripts and Music

You now have the equipment you need. Now, what story are you going to tell? You may have a vault full of your own original scripts and puppet show stories. Or, you may want to tell stories based on well-known children’s folklore.

If you don’t have a stockpile of stories, you can often find puppet scripts available on the Internet, either free or for a small fee. Search your library and bookstores for books on puppets, which may have more stories. You can tailor your scripts to your audience, depending on their needs and interests.

You can also add music to your program. Write your own songs or download music (and pay the royalty fees) to give more depth to your performance. Be sure to check the words to the songs to ensure they are appropriate for your audience.

Where’s Your Market?

Since the majority of your audience will be children, go where they go. Prepare a quality flyer that has information about your puppet program. Contact preschools and elementary schools (public and private) and ask to send them your information.

Call your park district to see if you can schedule a performance. Playgroups and churches are another source. Coffee houses and bookstores sometimes have preschool time and might like to add a puppet show as an additional customer draw.

Don’t forget special events in your area. Town celebrations and street fairs are a great place to perform and get noticed. Be sure to have business cards available for people passing by.

Although puppet shows are usually geared for children, consider performing for seniors as well. People at adult day care centers may welcome this gentle form of entertainment.

By using your creativity, you can build a fun business doing what you love – bringing puppet show stories to life!

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