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Project Planner Business Idea

If your organizational skills are top notch, you may enjoy a career as a project planner.

There are a couple of ways to begin, since exactly how to start a project planner business varies.

You can jump right in and find a business that needs a special person for a specific project, or you can study for a complete PMI certification (Professional Management Institute) or become certified in another program as a PMP (Professional Project Manager).

It’s All In The Details

There are so many details involved in project management that it has become an independent field of study – similar to a college degree program. In fact, becoming a project planner can involve as many as 5000 hours of training for the PMI without a college degree, or 3500 hours with a BA degree from elsewhere.

Project management training is in-depth training covering all areas of the legal and scheduling responsibilities of the job, and also covers the level of management control needed for more diverse projects.

You will be the person responsible for scheduling and keeping track of everything that happens on a particular project. Projects can be in any field, so if you have a particular interest you can point your sales efforts to that field to obtain your business.

There is project management software available to assist you in record keeping and expense and project tracking many even offer projections. Timelines are particularly important to finish jobs in a timely manner as well as for making sure that all permits and licenses are acquired when needed.

A World Awaits You As A Project Planner

The need for project planning is global; you can find jobs in this career with a variety of businesses. A project can be as simple as a special event, and as complex as a political gathering.

Obtaining PMI or PMP education and certification will go a very long way to prepare you to identify all the smaller, often seemingly-insignificant items that need management on a particular project. Particular attention needs to be paid to the area of errors and omissions – a legal aspect that needs to be carefully monitored to avoid current or future legal action against both the company you are managing for and yourself.

When looking at how to start this business it is advisable to look into the certification programs as a real foundation for being able to obtain professional project management assignments. This requires considerable study time, but you can find experience in this field along the way – perhaps as an assistant planner or in another type of scheduling specialist job that will bring you an income while studying. You will also get valuable on the job experience from doing this.

Once certified you should receive higher income and soon be able to fill your portfolio with a set of completed jobs. Gather ideas for related jobs along the way; future success as a project planner should be ideally set out in an individual business plan.

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