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Pressure Washing Business Idea

If you’re interested in starting your own business but don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, why not find out how to start a pressure washing business?

As people get busier and busier, they are turning to professionals to handle many of their cleaning jobs.

For sidewalk or driveway cleaning, deck or siding washing, customers turn to pressure washers.

Pressure washers use equipment and chemicals to wash down surfaces, but with power. Think of a garden hose on steroids.

How To Start A Pressure Washing Business – Getting Started

Although you will need to invest in some specific equipment, overall you can develop a low cost business strategy that will allow you to upgrade your equipment as your business grows.

Training is available through different companies., a pressure washing business network, provides some good background about getting into the business. A quick online search will yield you a number of additional leads.

When learning how to start a pressure washing business, it is important to know how to use your equipment, what chemicals and water temperature work best with specific surfaces (i.e. warm water on wood is not advised).

You will also need to have customer service skills, financial planning and marketing ability.

Pressure Washing Equipment Needed

Obviously, you’ll need a pressure washer. These come in many different price categories, from several hundred dollars to thousands. Get the best quality one that you can for your budget.

You also will need to choose a hot water or cold water pressure washer. Keep in mind that hot water devices are more effective in the winter, if you’re in an area that has freezing temperatures.

Also consider size. The larger pressure washers will contain more water. If you’re focusing on residences, you may be able to start with a smaller pressure washer, but if you’re working on businesses, you may need a larger one.

The amount of pressure the washer has is also important. The higher the psi (pounds per square inch), the harder the water will come out of the hose, which will make the work quicker and more effective.

In addition to the pressure washer, you’ll need a truck or van for hauling it to clients, hoses, and various chemicals for cleaning.

When planning how to start a pressure washing business, research your local city codes for water runoff restrictions. Your city may have laws that govern what chemicals may be used with pressure washers.

Growing Your Power Washing Business

Now that you’re in business, you’ll need to find customers! You can start by cold calling businesses and sending business cards and flyers to neighborhoods. Offer to pressure wash driveways in your neighborhood for free, and ask that owners pass your name on to their friends.

Don’t forget to put ads in the free neighborhood flyers. Word of mouth can be your best source for business, so always network wherever you go.

Winter can be a difficult time for the power washing business. Consider expanding to kitchen exhaust cleaning for restaurants as well. Kitchen exhaust cleaning, done well, helps prevent grease fires. The International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association ( has guidelines and tips on safety codes.

The Power Washers of North America ( also provide a wealth of information for those wishing to learn how to start a pressure washing business.

With planning, a small investment, and your energy and motivation, you can build a business that washes away the competition.

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