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Power Washing Business Idea

If you are looking for a small business idea with low start-up costs, you may want to consider starting a power washing business. Power washing has become a popular service for people with busy lifestyles.

Many areas around the home are ideal subjects for power washing, including decks, driveways, roofs, siding, and sidewalks. Businesses also require the services of professional power washers to clean parking lots, roofs, and outdoor areas. Power washing can be a lucrative business if you have the essential tools, equipment, and training.

Starting A Power Washing Business

Starting a power washing business can be done with a low cost business strategy that can be enhanced as your business grows. Professional training is essential from the start, however. Power washing is just that – powerful. Learning how much pressure to use for each type of surface is imperative.

The misuse of power equipment can result in surface damage, such as shingle or siding damage, chips in sidewalk areas, and stain or paint damage. Mistakes like this are costly, so become knowledgeable and skilled in using the equipment.

Business skills will also be required in order to successfully run a power washing business. Many local colleges and schools offer continuing education classes for budding entrepreneurs. The legal business structure, accounting procedures, marketing, and customer service techniques are covered in most courses.

Buying pressure washing equipment and accessories will be your biggest initial expenditure. Purchase the highest quality equipment you can afford. Be aware of your local climate and purchase equipment suited to your locale. Power washers made for a homeowner’s use may not be heavy-duty enough for constant use. If possible, purchase industrial power washing equipment that can stand up to use day after day.

Obtain your business license from your local county or city clerk or other licensing body. Most states require that power washing contractors be state certified, so check with your state certification board about certification requirements.

A power washing business can be run out of your home if you have the space to park your work truck and equipment. Check the local zoning board about the laws regulating home businesses.

Becoming Successful

Finding customers is the first step toward success. Distribute business cards and fliers whenever and wherever possible. Use the local classifieds to target homeowners. Meet with building administrators to offer your services. Donate free services to clean your neighborhood parks or school play areas. Ask current clients for testimonials and referrals.

Expanding Your Business

Starting a business in the power washing industry and expanding once you have achieved profitability is an exciting prospect. Decisions about expanding should be done with the same diligence that went into starting a power washing business in the first place.

Expansion options might include purchasing more equipment and hiring employees in order to serve more customers. Carefully analyze your profit and loss data and customer base to ensure that you have the customers to justify the extra costs.

Adding additional services is another way to expand. Additional services might include lawn and yard cleanup, hauling, and home repair.

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