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Pooper Scooper Business Idea

Learning how to start a pooper scooper business is one of the newest trends in pet business ideas. The pet service industry is growing bigger everyday, which is why it’s easier than ever to start your own business.

Carve out a niche of your own providing assistance to pet owners in your area.

Pet waste removal isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but people are willing to pay a decent amount of money to have someone else clean up after their dogs. You can cash out on this trend by starting your own cleanup service.

How To Start A Pooper Scooper Business

  1. Before you start handing out flyers and talking to people about your dog business, you have to come up with a plan. Where are you going to provide waste removal services, and how will you make it happen? What fees will you charge each client? Find out what companies in your area are asking for the same service, and come up with figures based on those amounts.
  1. Next, purchase supplies. Go to a pet store for the waste removal equipment, and an office supply store for items you’ll need to keep an organized home business office and records.
  1. Create a website for your business to advertise your rates, and don’t forget to include contact information so that potential customers can get in touch with you easily.

Marketing – Your Pet Business Ideas In Print

Print business cards by purchasing them from an online service. You can obtain cheap business cards easily this way – start handing them out so people know that you run a pooper scooper business.

Print flyers and post them around your neighborhood, especially where people with dogs tend to congregate. Post them near dog parks and in residential areas.

Make use of free online classified ad sites and make a posting advertising your business. Websites such as Craigslist cater to specific cities so you can target the right market. Provide a link to your website in each post.

Stay organized

In most cases waste removal services only accept cash, so it’s important to keep good records and not to lose track of the money you make. Purchase a spreadsheet program to ensure you know exactly how much money is coming in after expenses are deducted.

Organization with client schedules and business finances is one of the most important keys to success when learning how to start a pooper scooper business.

Running the business

This is the easiest part of the whole process. Once you have a steady flow of clients, all you have to do is keep an organized and up-to-date list of addresses and appointments, and show up to do the job. If you have all the equipment ready to go, simply pick up the waste, bag it, and dispose.

Always emphasize good customer service to keep a good flow of business at all times. Show up on time and be courteous and respectful. Do the task with a positive attitude and people will continue to use your services for many years.

Properly dispose of all waste so that you build up a good reputation in your neighborhood. If word gets out that you provide sub-par services, new clients will be apprehensive about giving you a try.

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