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Pool Cleaning Business Idea

If you love working outdoors in the summertime, how about starting a pool cleaning business? It’s a great seasonal opportunity as an adult or a teenage business.

A pool cleaning service comes to pools in homes, apartments and hotels. As a swimming pool cleaner, you could help clean the pool and get it ready for the warm weather season.

You could provide ongoing maintenance as well as provide cleanup after storms, and help get the pool ready to close for the fall.

When starting a pool cleaning business, think of the different ways you can provide your services (or add to them).

You might also work on indoor swimming pools, but in most areas of the country, outdoor pools – and therefore outdoor pool cleaning jobs – are more plentiful.

Pool Safety

But first, a few words about your own personal safety. You should know water safety and be able to swim. You may be working by yourself, so it’s essential that you are safe around water and guard against slipping.

You must also be careful about the electricity around water, and about pool chemicals. You also should take great care to protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen.

Starting A Pool Cleaning Business

Your job is to make sure the pool water and area are clean and safe. Local hardware stores can be a great source of information as well as a resource for pool supplies. You will need to learn how to determine the pool volume for each pool, how to test the water and what chemicals to add to maintain the proper balance, and how to keep the pool pristine.

Know how to inspect all areas of the pool to make sure all fittings are tight, filters fit properly and drains are covered. Be sure to inform the homeowner or pool management if you notice any problems.

Once you know how to clean pools you’ll need to make sure you have supplies, including test kits, a telepole extender, pool chemicals, a leaf rake and brushes. You will also need a vehicle to transport your supplies.

Building Your Pool Cleaning Service

For a start up business, homeowners may be your best customers. Their pools will be smaller than that of hotels, and homeowners may be more willing to give the job to a one-person enterprise. They may also be relieved to hand off the job to someone else, instead of having to do it themselves.

Pool maintenance will be your bread and butter because repeat business is easier to get than new business. Once you have cleaned a pool, discuss when the next pool cleaning should take place. Have a price package that gives a quantity discount.

Also stress the importance of getting the pool cleaned after a storm. Call your customers when bad weather is in the forecast, and set up a post-storm cleaning.

For customers who don’t have regular maintenance, check with them periodically to see if they need a special cleaning before long holiday weekends.

Contact all of your customers towards the end of the season to schedule a pool closing appointment.

With careful planning, hard work and attention to detail, starting a pool cleaning business is a great way to start your entrepreneurial career,

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  1. Arnold April November 9, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Greetings, thank you very much for such a great website, as I am considering starting a pool cleaning business I will need to learn the do’s and dont;s of pool cleaning like fimiliarising myself with the chemicals, I am vey happy that i came accross this site. as I am very confident that I will make a success, as I am a very dedicated person.with great respect for all. Best regards

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