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Plant Sitting Business Idea

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a little money, find out how to start a plant sitting business.

From homeowners to apartment dwellers to office mates, people love the warmth and beauty that plants bring to their environment. Although plant care is often minimal, plants do need the basics: water, light and nutrition.

When plant owners go on trips or on vacation, they risk coming home to wilted, sick plants unless someone has taken care of them.

By learning how to start a plant sitting business, you can provide continuous care for plants with minimal time, effort and expense. This is a great job for a home based business as well as an opportunity for a child or teen business.

How To Start A Plant Sitting Business – Plant Sitting 101

When someone asks you to take care of their plants, they are not only hiring you to keep their begonias from dying, they are trusting you in their home. You may have access to all of their personal property, and they need to know you won’t invade their privacy or take their belongings. So first and foremost, you need to be trustworthy.

You also should have a working knowledge of plants, so if you don’t know a ficus from a bonsai, give yourself a crash course. Get a good basic book that gives plant identification with descriptions and pictures for reference.

Also, visit your local gardening store and stroll around to get more information on plants. Get to know the knowledgeable staff so you can ask them questions. A lot of people out there will be excited to help you learn how to start a plant sitting business.

It is also useful to recognize warning signs if a plant is sick. You should know, for example, signs that a plant is over watered, under watered, not getting enough light or getting too much light.

Make a questionnaire and ask the plant owner for detailed information on how to take care of each plant. Then, for each one, convert that information to a chart that you can use as a checklist as you perform your duties. Once you have numerous clients (or clients with numerous plants) it will be useful to have this information.

Advertising Your Plant Sitting Business

You’ve got a local business, so advertise locally. Let your neighbors know you’re available. Advertise in your town’s free newspaper, and hand out business cards at the local hardware store or gardening center.

You can also expand your services to include pet sitting. You could also begin a house sitting business that could encompass both plant and pet sitting. Consider getting bonded and insured as an extra step in establishing responsibility while in someone else’s home.

Once you have completed a job, check back with your client to see if he or she is satisfied. If the answer is yes, ask if you can use their name as a reference. Also, offer them a repeat customer or referral discount.

At least initially, the majority of your time will be spent marketing your business, but once you’ve learned how to start a plant sitting business and have a steady source of customers, your business will grow like a weed!

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