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Plant Rental Business Idea

When thinking about how to start a plant rental business, at first it seems that you could just run to the local nursery, buy some plants, and get started. A plant rental business, no matter how easy it seems, requires planning and research in order to succeed.

Plants are attractive and bring a welcome touch of nature to many indoor venues. Corporate buildings, waiting rooms, offices, convention halls, and other public areas often use plants as decorative tools. Most building administrators, however, don’t have time to properly maintain the plants. By using a plant rental service, beautiful and well-cared for plants can enhance the look of the surroundings.

Indoor locations are not the only potential market for a plant rental business. Outdoor events, such as weddings, might include rented decorative plants. Outdoor atriums and city parks are other potential venues.

How to Start a Plant Rental Business

A plant rental service owner will be required not only to place plants in a location, but be responsible for their care as well. A thorough knowledge of the plants you supply is required. Customers will expect you to be an expert on plant species and care.

Before buying plants, conduct research on the local market. Many public places are likely customers, so take a tour to see if there are decorative plants in place, if so, how well they are cared for, and determine if there is a potential market. If possible, speak with building administrators to find out if there is an interest in your plant rental services.

Research also includes scouting out the competition. If there is another plant rental service in your area, investigate their services and prices. Determine if you can be competitive and offer something the competitors do not.

After determining a need, form partnerships with local plant growers and nurseries to get the best plants at the best wholesale prices. A climate-controlled storage area will also be required. Even if you buy plants as customers sign up, you will still require a plant transition and care area.

Apply for your business and related licenses with the local city, county, and state agencies.

Running a Successful Plant Rental Business

As you learn how to start a plant rental business, keep a running contact list of everyone you speak to about your plans. Your first customers will be very important building blocks so consider offering incentives to encourage them to work with you. Ask for testimonials. Build a portfolio of pictures of your work. Form partnerships with other business professionals. For example, supplying wedding planners with decorative plants will increase your exposure and profits.

The most important factors in the plant rental business are the quality of the plants and the care they receive. Dying and sickly looking plants will tarnish your reputation, so start with high quality plants and take excellent care of them.

Expanding Your Plant Rental Business

Successful entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue. The more you learn about how to start a plant rental business, the more ideas for additional services you will have. Below are a few expansion ideas:

  • Offer decorating services for the holidays
  • Add landscape design services
  • Sell plants to customers

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