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Pilates Studio Business Idea

If you want a successful small business and are concerned about fitness and instruction, you might consider starting a Pilates studio.

Instead of repetition, Pilates concentrates on breathing, awareness, alignment, and the body’s core muscle groups.

You will be able to charge per class and offer package deals to your students, and can also feature beginners’ and advanced classes.

If you want your studio to be successful, your sessions will need to be at convenient times for your clients mainly in the evenings, weekends, and during lunch hours. You may need to offer childcare services to those attending your classes.

If you want to expand the business further, you may also need to offer holistic programs like yoga, meditation, and massage instruction. Further expansion can be gained by filming your instruction on DVD or tape and offering this for sale.

Pilates Equipment And Exercises

The equipment that will be needed for your Pilates studio can be purchased from any number of businesses found with an online search. You will sometimes be able to obtain low interest financing when making a purchase as well.

You will be able to purchase instructional DVD’s, flex-bands, mats, spine correctors, balance trainers, and even specialist tools such as a Pilates Reformer. These things will all help you to provide everything your clients will need.

Pilates exercises include more than 500 movements designed to engage the mind and condition a person’s whole body. They use strength and flexibility training, and will improve a person’s posture, reduce stress, and build lean and long muscles.

The exercises use several muscle groups with continuous motion, and are designed to strengthen a person’s core muscles.

Teacher Certification

Those who are certified can teach at Pilates studios, work as independent contractors, open a studio of their own, open certification centers, or form a partnership with similar businesses.

There are many U.S.P.A. training centers and affiliated studios which offer teacher certification programs and can be found online. Instruction is available for a variety of Pilates topics including teaching mat training, Pilates Yoga teacher training, comprehensive Pilates instruction, and teaching Pilates with bands.

Other Topics Relating To Running A Pilates Studio

If you want to advertise your Pilates business, you have a number of options. An internet search will reveal many websites which specialize in information about Pilates. You can advertise your workshops and other services here for a very low cost often even for free and you can be assured that everyone who looks at the page will have an interest in Pilates.

You will also need to insurance your Pilates business. There are insurance companies online which offer big discounts for smaller and medium-sized health clubs. During registration you will be asked about the type of equipment and programs you feature.

Accounting software for a Pilates business is available online, and should help you to manage the financial aspects of your business.

If you are interested in starting your own Pilates studio, there is a lot of help available if you just go out and look for it.

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