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Pet Wash Business Idea

If you are looking for a business that combines your love of dogs and cats with your business sense, you may have wondered about how to start a pet wash business.

Do-it-yourself pet washes have been springing up since the 1990′s. Dog owners, in particular, love the convenience of bringing their dogs to a self service washing station.

Your location will be highly critical. When researching how to start a pet wash business, look for a location that already brings pet owners into the area, such as a major shopping mall. A self service pet washing business is all about convenience.

Your location must be easy for customers to see and get to. A nearby pet supply store or veterinarian office is also a plus.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

Wash tubs, dryers, and pet washing supplies, such as towels and soap, should be purchased. The building you choose will have to be plumbed to service each washing station.

Some pet wash businesses are coin operated, so decide how customers will pay you before you buy the equipment. Make sure the building is climate controlled. It must comfortable for wet pets and their owners.

Contact local agencies to find out about zoning and business licensing regulations for this type of venture.

How To Start A Pet Wash Business – Keys to Success

The most important keys for success when planning how to start a pet wash business include:

  • Choosing a favorable, secure location.
  • Charge reasonable prices. People visit do-it-yourself pet washes to save money. Do not charge more per visit than local groomers charge.
  • Have convenient operating hours: A pet wash business should be open evenings and weekends, when most people are off work and have time to bring their pets in.
  • Ensure comfortable and efficient work areas for pet owners.
  • Keep equipment optimally maintained and a full supply of towels and soap available at all times.

Even though a pet wash business is for people who like to wash their own pets, there should always be at least one staff member available to take payments and handle emergencies.

Staff should be trained in handling pets in various situations. Items such as leashes, gloves, and cleaning supplies are essential. People will not bring their pets in if they feel unsafe or the area appears dirty.

Finding Customers

Customers need to know you are there before they can find you. Advertise your Grand Opening and then advertise periodically in all of the local newspapers. Send fliers to veterinarian offices, pet supply stores, and animal control organizations.

Run and advertise charity events. Perhaps you could donate a day at the pet wash to washing shelter animals. Put fliers up on public bulletin boards. Speak with local veterinarians and offer reciprocal arrangements where you each recommend the services of the other.

Expanding Your Business

As you learn more about how to start a pet wash business, you will discover that the opportunities for expansion are wide open. Selling pet related products is a great sideline that can become a steady stream of revenue.

Adding grooming services may bring dog owners in who might not come in otherwise. Perhaps daytime pet sitting could be added as a service. Any pet related product or service would make a great sideline for a pet washing business.

More and more people are looking for economical ways to perform tasks themselves. The success of pet washing businesses proves that when people know about the convenience and reasonable cost of washing their own pets, they keep coming back.

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