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Pet Tag Business Idea

By deciding to start a pet tag business, you will be taking your first steps into the growing pet service industry. With a relatively small investment, you could be making pet ID tags within days.

Whether you choose to run an online business or a face-to-face operation, you’ll collect information from customers about their pets and produce customized identification tags that can be attached to a pet’s collar.

In addition to making the tags, you’ll also need to maintain an inventory of supplies and deliver the finished product.

How To Start A Pet Tag Business

To start a pet tag business, you’ll need an engraving machine and a set of metal tags. Some engraving machines are automated so that you only need to type in the information, insert the tag, and it does the rest.

Manual machines are also available at a lower cost, but each tag will require more time to complete. To use a manual machine, you will insert the tag, line up each letter, and then trace each letter with one end of the engraving device while the other end imprints the tracing on the tag.

Engraving equipment doesn’t take up a lot of space. You could open your business in your home or in a small kiosk at a local mall. In addition to the equipment and tags, you’ll need a method to track sales and expenses for end-of-year reporting.

What Training You’ll Need

When you start a pet tag business, you’ll need basic training to learn how to operate the engraving machine, but no other special certification or licensing is required. As with any business, basic organization and management skills will be helpful in running an efficient and profitable business venture.

If you have the right skill set, you could create and maintain your own online store if you choose to operate an internet-based business. Otherwise, you should find a website designer that you’re comfortable with to help you build your internet store.

Key Factors To Success

To be successful as a pet tag entrepreneur, you’ll need to control your costs and manage your time. Your expenses will include the cost of inventory and delivery charges. Pet tags are very inexpensive items.

Although the blank tags don’t cost very much, waste can still eat into your profit margin if you ruin more than you complete. To minimize delivery expenses, look for inexpensive, padded mailers that can be sent through the regular mail.

This option will result in some missing items, but it may be cheaper to replace the few items that are lost than to spend more on traceable shipping for such an inexpensive product.

Your biggest success factor may be time. Unless you are hiring a staff, your potential earnings are limited by how many tags you can make. As you become more accurate and faster, your profits should increase.

Finding Customers For Your Pet Tag Business

After you start a pet tag business, you will need to attract customers. Most pet owners want to place name tags on their pet’s collars in case they become lost. If you are located in a mall kiosk, you’ll find that many shoppers will buy a pet ID tag as an impulse purchase.

You may also want to place flyers in local pet shops and veterinarian’s offices. If they are willing, you should allow them to take orders for a percentage of the profits. If you’re going to run an online pet tag store, make sure that your website is found by popular search engines and that you are listed on other pet related sites.

Once you start a pet tag business and want to expand , you may want to add another location or purchase another engraving machine for an assistant. You could also expand into the pet microchip business that works even better than ID tags for locating lost pets.

Many stores have automated ID tag vending machines. You could invest in one or more of those and distribute them to local pet stores. If you really enjoy manual engraving, you could engrave jewelry and other customized items in addition to pet tags.

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